A kitchen safe?

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A kitchen safe?
Mon, 08-12-2013 - 9:26am

Do you need help keeping snacks out of your own hands? You might want to get a kitchen safe. According to iVillage Health, "The Kitchen Safe is a see-through, hard plastic container with a battery-operated time lock on it, for those of us with absolutely no self-control (or, it would appear, a hammer).

Just put your cookies or keys or credit cards or whatever else you can’t say “no” to inside and set the timer for anywhere from one minute to 10 days. You have a five-second grace period once you set it to change your mind. After that, no matter what you do, the bin – and the treats inside -- will stay on lockdown until the timer reaches zero. Oh, and if it runs out of juice while the timer is counting down? It still won’t open. You’ll have to go out and buy a new battery and install it, at which point the timer will continue its countdown. So, removing the battery to cheat the system could actually result in an even longer wait for your goodies." read more

Good idea or bad idea?

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