Me again.. it's been a while

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Me again.. it's been a while
Sat, 09-01-2012 - 10:37am

HI Everyone.

I used to come to this board quite a lot about 5-6 years ago and have decided to come back becuase I need to make a change. (again).

 A little bit about myself.  I'm 40 yrs old.  I have been married for 9 years, I have two kids, a daughter that is 8yrs old and a son that is 7 yrs old.  I work full time and my husband is a SAHD.

I was a skinny atlhetic teenager but I've been "heavy" since my mid 20's. Went to college and put on the freshman 40..I broke my leg (the femur) and was not active for about 3 months and the weight started creeping on pretty fast..  in 2000 when I started "dating" my husband I was 240 lbs.  in 2003 weighed about 270 got PG and when my daughter was born in 2004 I weghed 300. Lost about 30-40 lbs really quickly when I was nursing/pumping..and then got PG again.  gained alot of weight... on the day of my son's birth in 2005 I weighed 340.  I've been yo-you dieting and have gotten as low as 250 but have put most of the weight back on

 I've been telling my self the last 2 yrs, to just get off my butt and start doing somthing.  I even went out an bought an expensive treadmill about 2 yrs ago but I never really used it and now has about 2 yrs worth of dust on it. 

I have several friends who have lost weight by surgery & other medical weight loss clinics, or by doing Advocare etc...but frankly I don't have the money to pay for those kinds of things.

I just weighed my self and I weigh 302.8 pounds..  I need to start making time for myself and work on ME. 

My Goal (for now) is to get down to 275 lbs by Christmas.

Thanks for "listening".





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Sat, 09-08-2012 - 6:42pm
Sara, welcome back. I am still here, although not as much as I once was. It is nice to see you again and best wishes on your journey. SJ