Success and In Progress Stories

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Success and In Progress Stories
Thu, 11-15-2012 - 1:23pm

Good Morning everyone!

I have previously posted about my personal issues and struggles but I wanted to hear from everyone on their process of battling that pesky 100lb.  I know every situation is different, but I draw encouragement from hearing from those that are or have suceeeded or who are still fighting the good fight.  If you reached your goal, how did you do it?  Did you have any health issues, or hormonal issues that made it more difficult to lose weight?  How did you start out?  How long until you started to not only see but feel progress.  What do you think were your biggest mistakes and what did you do that really helped you accomplish your goal.  What was your goal?  How did you go about deciding on why type of "diet" or way of eating to go?  I hate the word diet.  I guess I've watched a lot of Oprah and so to me diet is a word that means short term weight loss.  I know real weight loss is about lifestyle change in terms of how you eat.  Personally this has been the most difficult part for me.  I cannot decide what path to take.  Weight Watchers I know is a great program for example.  However for someone like myself it wouldn't be because I have insulin resistance.  I have been on Weight Watchers a few times and it did not work.  Simply counting points/calories does not work for me.  My hormones are so out of wack that I must eat a diet that will help correct my insulin resistance.  Which is something that takes time. One insulin resistant meal does not cure your insulin resistance.  It takes time to correct the damage you have done to your body by your way of eating.

So I guess in addition to hearing about your stories regardless if you had issues such as mine, how did you start?  What was your day like? Small meals? What other tools did you use to gage your success?  Did you weigh yourself weekly? .  Just anythng you care to share I would appreciate and the more the better.

Thank you and God Bless :)

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Thu, 11-15-2012 - 8:49pm

I think I am both a 'success' and a work in progess.  I do not know my starting weight because I didn't weigh in the beginning.  Based on when I first weighed myself, I estimate I was somewhere from 225 -235.  My goal weight is 135 but I don't actually think I will ever get there.  I have been on this journey for almost 10 years.  I got as low as 160 and am currently @ 180 and have been for a few years.  I was not always heavy but I have always fought with my weight, and in my early forties, some life events plus menopause caused me to lose the battle..when I hit 200, I stopped weighing.  I made some half hearted attempts to lose weight, but I really thought I couldn't.  I was feeling very stuck in my life..not happy with my weight, with where I was living, with the fact that I didn't drive..just unhappy. I told my boss that I wanted to change my life, but I didn't know how to start.  A few days later, I found a box of 20 different tea bags on my boss told me that was the first change to make...try adifferent kind of tea each day.  

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Thu, 11-15-2012 - 9:30pm
Sorry...continuing in a second post..last one wouldn't let me type more. Something about that gesture made me feel like someone had faith in me, and I decided to try two was the end of May, and I decided I would join a gym with a pool and swim 3 times a week in the summer, and I would take driving lessons (I had a license which I had kept in force, just was afraid to drive). I was so lucky because God or Fate or some thing put some great people in my life...first, the membership manager at the first gum I called was like'come over right now' and she was so friendly and introduced me to the personal trainer who I still work with today. The membership had two complimentary training sessions, and he was so awesome...I decided to lift weights with him one day a week. Now, my real plan was that I would try for 12 weeks, and in the fall, when i hadn't lost any weight, I would find a therapist to help me accept that I was a fat person who couldn't drive...but between the lifting, the swimming, and riding a stationary bike, I started to feel better. And my trainer would ask me questions like 'what Did you have for lunch today?' and I never knew what he would ask and I didn't want to lie, so I started making better choices. I remember I was standing in line to pay for my sandwich, and the cashier asked if I wanted chips...which I always got...and I thought 'wouldn't it be easier to just not eat them?' and I said 'not today'. That was huge for me. After working out, it seemed better to buy a salad than a bag of chips...I read a book called 'Simple Steps' which talked about changing your life by making four changes a week, and I did some of those things. I was fortunate to have a fabulous driving instructor who didn't just show me how to park, she listened to my fears and dealt with them...she gave me fear coping skills for the car...between my trainer who was praising my efforts at the gym, the driving instructor who helped me conquer fear, and the food changes I made each week, my life changed. Losing the weight gave me more confidence at work, and because I felt more secure at my job, I was brave enough to buy a bigger, nicer condo...I do not think of being on a diet...I think of having an eating plan...I am not eating strictly to my plan but it s based on high protein, frequent meals. I eat yogurt or oatmeal for breakfast, ideally with protein powder mixed in. Two to three hours later, I have a 20 gram protein bar. Two to three hours later, I have a salad with lettuce, half a chicken breast or 2 hard boiled eggs or 8-10 shrimp, and some combination of celery, carrots, peppers, or cherry tomatoes, with a tablespoon of low fat dressing. To to three hours later, I have a piece of fruit. If I didn't have yogurt in the morning, I have yogurt 2-3 hours after that. I usually work out after work...three nights a week, I lift weights. Before lifting, I warm up on the stationary bike, trying for a thirty minute total for the week. The lifting ends with abs. I try to run twice a week, once for a mile and a half on a night. Lift, once for three miles on a non lifting night. Try to swim every week, for 30 or 60 minutes depending on when and how I feel. I take a Pilates class a couple times a month, same with Zumba. I also walk everywhere because I live in the city..about an hour total most days. When I am on plan, I have a protein shake after working out. For dinner, on Sundays I make a big pot of soup, and that last two or three nights. I usually have bread with my soup. One night I make a really nice dinner...met, starch, 2 veggies, and that lasts 2 nights. I slack on the weekend, but I try to eat good meals. If I eat out, I try to just eat half he food, and sometimes I order an appetizer instead of a meal. Dessert is a treat and it has to be some thing I love to make it worthwhile. I limit how much I drink wine to only when I am out and mostly one glass. I drink water all day long, and don't drink soda. My biggest difficulty is the time between dinner and bedtime. I try to not have a lot in the house. I like Popsicles and 60 cal pudding as a treat, but I also almost lay have chocolate and I eat a piece or two lost days. I live alone, so I know that whatever I buy, I will eat...I keep crackers that I like but don't love in the house. I sometimes have a small bowl of dry Cheerios right before I go o bed so that I don't wake up hungry. I try to get at least Sven hours sleep although I really need eight or more. A couple things I do that might not seem related to weight loss but are for me - I make my bed every is a way to practice discipline...I weigh every soon as I get up, I have a quick stretching routine I do that takes a couple minutes...these things tell me that I am going to try today. I make my lunch at night and I unpack and pack my gym bag as soon as I get home so I have no excuse to not be ready. Whenever I shower or bathe, I apply nice smelling body lotion and I try to think kind thoughts about my body while I do it. I set goals that are action based, not how much I weigh based. If my goal is to go to the gym five days this week, I can control that. If my goal is to lose two pounds, I might work really hard but my body might not I like goals I can control. In the beginning, I was diligent in rewarding myself for meeting my weekly and monthly goals. I think journaling what you eat is the best thing you can do...I am not doing it now, but I am thinking about doing it again because it stops me from lying to myself. I am an emotional eater, and I am most likely o eat if someone disappoints me...I try to think of that as punishing myself or being disappointed as opposed to comforting myself. This sometimes helps me stop. I believe that 'food is love' but I try not to act on that too much. This was probably way more than you wanted to know....
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Tue, 11-20-2012 - 8:06pm

Thank you for sharing.  You said a lot of things that touched and encouraged me.  For instance how your boss brought you a box of tea bags-and you feeling someone believing in you.  That is so key.  I just wonder what one is supposed to do when you don't believe in yourself.  

I also love your thinking in that after working out a salad sounds like a much better idea than chips :).  I would like to get a personal trainer but I cannot afford it right now, I'm unemployed.  I don't think you mentioned your cardio level when you first began working out.  I get out of breath walking at a regular pace just down my street.  Getting to the very end is really a struggle.  I actually walked today and just didn't have it in me to make it to the very end of the street.  I made it about 65%.

I will also look for the book you mentioned.  I never thought I would reach 200 lbs.  I'm only 4'11.  I have high glucose and obviously insulin resistance and I'm 37.  Needless to say those factors make losing weight more difficult.  How long do you think it will take me to be able to walk up and down my street without being out of breath and feeling the need to sit down badly.  I carry all of my weight around the middle which puts a huge strain on my back.   

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Mon, 11-26-2012 - 1:22pm

My weight loss journey started in '07. At the time I was in my mid/late 20's and had reached my all time high weight of around 290. I was starting to become very sich each day because of my overeating. My body had reached it's max. I started to become insulin resistant and needed a change. I wanted to start a family and I knew I couldn't do that at nearly 300 pounds. At first I was put on medication for insulin resistance but couldn't handle the medication. I was given a lot of info about how to cut back on calories and increase fiber in my diet. I also started out walking 10 minutes per day and doing a yoga DVD at home for larger women. It was a good way to start moving my body. 

Before I had my baby in '09 I was about 55 pound down and feeling so much better. During the pregnancy I got basically all the way back up to 290 but lost a lot of that right after the birth. I was about 5-8 pounds up after all the swelling had gone down. Not bad right? Well the stress of having a sick infant was a bit much. I started gaining again during that time. I got back up to 260 when I decided I had to stop myself and get back to eating right and moving more. 

I joined a gym, workedout about 3-4 days a week, ate 1,500 calories or less each day, and lost 48 pounds last year. This past summer I upped my workouts, hired a trainer, and cut calories just a hair more (1,400/day) and lost 25 lbs this summer. The plans works when I work it!! 

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Tue, 01-08-2013 - 4:18pm

Last year I was diagnosed with metabolic syndrome, pre-diabetic, my blood pressure & cholesterol starting to climb after being low all of my life and I had severe fatty liver disease. I lived with chronic pain from degenerative disks in my back and neck. I weighed 248.6 lbs.

Oh, and I am in menopause - at 58 years old.

I tried my normal low calorie, low fat diet, and lost 8 lbs in the first 3 months. Then I switched to a low carb/high fat diet/no grains and lost 9 lbs in the first month! After one full year, I have lost 53 lbs.

This will be my lifestyle for the rest of my life, not just a diet plan.

My blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol levels are now perfect, my A1C is down from 6.0 to 5.4, my fatty liver disease is gone, and my pain level has improved.

I have yet to get around to exercising - not even walking. I sit at a desk all day, working on the computer.

An average day:

Breakfast: two eggs fried in olive oil and a slice of ham, large coffee with heavy whipping cream.

Lunch: Blueberry/Flaxseed meal "minute muffin" with lots of butter, gluten-free/lactose free pepperoni stick, large coffee with heavy whipping cream.

Dinner: Chicken Cesar salad with bacon and Renee's full-fat dressing, large coffee with heavy whipping cream.

Snacks: Square(s) of 90% dark chocolate.

I weigh myself every single day, as soon as I get up - I need that reminder.

I was just thinking the other day - that if I can lose 53 lbs in one year - maybe by this time next year I will have readed my goal of losing 100 lbs!