Success and In Progress Stories

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Success and In Progress Stories
Thu, 11-15-2012 - 1:06pm

Good Morning everyone!

I have previously posted about my personal issues and struggles but I wanted to hear from everyone on their process of battling that pesky 100lb.  I know every situation is different, but I draw encouragement from hearing from those that are or have suceeeded or who are still fighting the good fight.  If you reached your goal, how did you do it?  Did you have any health issues, or hormonal issues that made it more difficult to lose weight?  How did you start out?  How long until you started to not only see but feel progress.  What do you think were your biggest mistakes and what did you do that really helped you accomplish your goal.  What was your goal?  How did you go about deciding on why type of "diet" or way of eating to go?  I hate the word diet.  I guess I've watched a lot of Oprah and so to me diet is a word that means short term weight loss.  I know real weight loss is about lifestyle change in terms of how you eat.  Personally this has been the most difficult part for me.  I cannot decide what path to take.  Weight Watchers I know is a great program for example.  However for someone like myself it wouldn't be because I have insulin resistance.  I have been on Weight Watchers a few times and it did not work.  Simply counting points/calories does not work for me.  My hormones are so out of wack that I must eat a diet that will help correct my insulin resistance.  Which is something that takes time. One insulin resistant meal does not cure your insulin resistance.  It takes time to correct the damage you have done to your body by your way of eating.

So I guess in addition to hearing about your stories regardless if you had issues such as mine, how did you start?  What was your day like? Small meals? What other tools did you use to gage your success?  Did you weigh yourself weekly? .  Just anythng you care to share I would appreciate and the more the better.

Thank you and God Bless :)