Way off topic - need feedback

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Way off topic - need feedback
Thu, 05-26-2011 - 10:10pm

This is way off topic and probably belongs on a different board, but this is 'my' board and I 'know' you, so I am posting here.

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Fri, 05-27-2011 - 12:08pm
(((((big hugs)))))

In my opinion you aren't overreacting. In fact I think you showed exceptional willpower and inner strength keeping your cool the way you did. As I continued to read your post, I got more and more angry for you. I'm a big stickler for respect and common courtesies, and what they did showed a tremendous lack of both in my opinion. With that said, here's my suggestion.

First, talk to your brother and find out if he was notified the changes were being made before they happened. If they asked him and he agreed to it, that puts a whole new spin on things and it was his bad judgment. If he wasn't notified and didn't give permission, why didn't HE tell them it was wrong and why didn't he notify you before you came? I don't know how close you are with your sister-in-law but if you have a good relationship, you should really tell her how you feel. Maybe there was a reason they felt they needed to move the furniture and things around? I'm not saying that any reason they give would be a good one but it would give you insight into the question of WHY they would do such a disrespectful and impolite thing.

SJ, you are NOT wrong to feel the way you do honey so please don't think that way. You have every right to expect common courtesies and respect when you trust someone into a home that is rightfully yours. Given the circumstances, you behaved and responded in the patient, beautiful way that anyone here knows you to be. But sometimes a line is crossed that is out of our control and it's time to speak our minds. I think you should find out more about the HOW's and WHY's of this incident and go from there.

We're always here for you SJ. I know I don't do a lot of replying here but I love following your journey and your advice is always wonderful.

((((((((((HUGE HUGS & LOTS OF LOVE))))))))))
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Fri, 05-27-2011 - 5:49pm


I post on other IVillage boards and lurk here occasionally.

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Sat, 05-28-2011 - 2:04pm

SJ, I absolutely agree with what Misty said.

"Never run faster than your guardian angel can fly!"

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Sat, 05-28-2011 - 7:32pm

Thanks everyone.