Week of 12/4 Terrific Tuesday!

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Week of 12/4 Terrific Tuesday!
Tue, 12-04-2012 - 9:54am

Here comes the start of the holidays! Woot woot! I think the key is to take this just one week at a time when it comes to staying on track with our eating. This week I only had one night of issue and that was last night. I met my buddy at Chickfila to let the kids play and eat. I had a modist meal and enjoied my friend. Last time I drank after her and got sick. This time I kept my cup very close to me. LOL!!!! Sadly she had pink eye this time and I felt so bad for her. 

I'm plannig out healthy dinners for the next week and that should help me stay on track. I weighed in after a long time off and I'm 6 lbs up at 208. I honestly thought it would've been higher. I'm back at the gym and creeping back into eating better. I also have a gym pass set up for when I go back home for Christmas. Please share any healthy plans you have for the next couple weeks! 

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