Weight not budging and having hard time really getting exercise going

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Weight not budging and having hard time really getting exercise going
Thu, 10-17-2013 - 2:08am

I am looking to lose about 100 pounds.  This is the biggest I have ever been and with my the 3 degenerative discs, herniated discs, and buldging discs in my back this weight is not helping with the pain.    Between having my son in July of 2012 and April of 2013 I managed to gain 20 pounds back that I lost from doing low sodium diet and I am up to 249.  Well I became a stay at home mom on a budget since we now have one income so fast food and eating out is not something we are privy too often.  Maybe every now and then if we have no time to cook but I simply can't afford to pay that much for those meals.  So for the last 6 months I have been mostly eating at home.  I am an extremely picky eater and my food has to be very bland and not spicy.  My tastebuds are super sensitive, I guess you call me one of those super tasters, and makes it to where condiments and salad dressings or way to much for my tongue and end up making me want to vomit from the taste.  I also dont care much for cooked vegetables, they don't taste good to me, so I eat them raw when I get them but when you can't eat salad dressing it gets pretty bitter fast.  (I recently started adding a fourth of a cup of walnuts and a fourth of a cup of dried cranberries to a bowl of the spring mix and that really changed up my salads for me.)  I am not a big meat eater, I prefer chicken over all other meats and I always cut off every ounce of fat I see.  I end up losing a lot of the meat because I cannot stand biting into fat, that texture makes me gag.  We do not fry food.  I pretty much bake/roast it.  We havent' eaten rice in like 2 months.  And in all honesty I'm eating the least out of everyone in the house.  I spend my time feeding and playing with my son around house cleaning and couponing and I honestly don't get hungry often.  I eat about 5 or 6 crackers with about a half a teaspoon of peanutbutter and a half a teaspoon of nutella on each.  That is teaspoon NOT tablespoon.  I eat those 5 crackers and I'm full. The only bread I get, if I eat it at all, is two slices for a regular ham sandwich.  That is bread, ham, bread.  Nothing else on it at all.  And that is only one sandwich, which I end up letting my son have bites off of so I don't even get the whole thing.  Supper is normally a meat baked or roasted with vegetables on the side.  Nothing in a can, all vegetables are frozen to make sure they don't go bad before I can eat them.  I've been eating roughly like that for several months now and not a single pound lost.  (oh and I can't eat seafood, makes me vomit no matter what it is, and we have already checked to make sure its not an iodine allergy)

But I've also noticed that no matter if I eat more, or I eat less I am always tired.  I have no drive.  I got a manual treadmill and I want to get into using it, I refuse to let it just sit there.  But I'm out of breath in no time, which is odd because I'm not exactly sitting down all day and I am a naturally fast walker.  I don't have time to play around so I powerwalk every where I go.  I always feel like there is a heater just blowing on my face which I've always assumed was just something to do with my horomones from the pregnancy because I was never like that before and it didnt start up until my son turned about a year old. I'm 30 years old. I always have a bit of a dizzy feeling and sometimes I get headaches, which I didn't get before pregnancy.  And I'm just boggled at how the weight just doesn't want to budge.  I had just assumed it was just that my body has changed and many women say losing weight is harder after you have kids.  But now I'm starting to wonder if maybe there is something else going on.  We don't usually buy candy or sweets of any kind.  And everyone is just surprised at how little it takes to fill me up and how I eat my food isn't normally bad.  No mayo, mustard, ketchup, salad dressings, dips, etc.  I eat it as is, not added crap.  And I don't make it a habit to eat a lot in a sitting.  If I do eat fast food then normally that is the only meal I eat that day simply because I don't get hungry and my stomach is upset from the greasy food.  

Anyone else have issues like this?  Was there an underlying issue that maybe I should look into checking out?  I was thinking of trying this raw food diet but I would really have to do some research or risk under nourishing myself.  Has anyone tried it and it worked for them?  

Oh and I take a Womens One A Day, a Vitamin D, and a fish oil capsule every day.  I am always tired and I don't sleep well either.  I wake up a few times in the night either from my son or just because.  And my back pain hinders me at times, sometimes it takes me hours just to stand up straight.  

Sorry so long, guess I'm more frustrated then I thought

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I am so with you. I started walking and lost close to 30 lbs then stopped. I just can't seem to develop good habits. All I did was cut out soda and make a few changes but then I got busy and now I am right back where I started. It is so frustrating.

Have you checked with your doctor to make sure you don't have diabetes or some other underlying issue? I have had a complete check up and they discovered I had arthritis in my feet and knees.