What is on your Christmas Wish List?

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What is on your Christmas Wish List?
Wed, 10-12-2011 - 8:49am

A ski vacation? New washing machine? Designer Purse? Go ahead and tell us what you want for Christmas. iVillage is putting together some fun giveaways for the holidays and we want to know what you are wishing for. Share here what gift(s) you really want to receive and we may be able give it away!

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Thu, 11-10-2011 - 6:05pm

It just clips on somewhere--some people wear it on their waistband... I used to, but it nearly fell in the toilet a couple times, so now I wear it on my bra--low on the strap... Some people wear it in the middle of their bra, but doesn't work for me there. It's tiny--about the size of my thumb. It is so motivating (usually)... It's nice to see right where I stand, exactly how active I've been today compared to most days. I got it for my birthday and I don't know what I would do without it. I'd definitely have some much more lazy days, that's for sure... Like today, I'm only at 4,000 steps... My goal is 11,500 steps per day... Almost every day I hit at least 10,000-- so I need to step it up tonight if I want to meet my goal. Before, I probably would have just left it at this....

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Thu, 11-10-2011 - 8:43pm

I'm SOLD!!!!!!

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Thu, 12-01-2011 - 12:53am
1) A smaller tummy

2) Healthier hips

3) Smaller boobs

4) A winning lottery ticket

5) The keys to Cinderella Castle at Disney World

But since those are a bit out of reach for a giveaway, a new laptop or tv would be good. =)
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Thu, 12-01-2011 - 9:15am
A makeover!