Where do I start?

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Where do I start?
Wed, 01-23-2013 - 9:09am

I'm back (was here years ago) and hoping this time to make a change. I just don't know where to start. I can't stick to anything. To be honest, I think it is because I don't want to stick to anything. I need to motivate myself but don't know how. Please tell me what to do and how to do it!

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Thu, 01-24-2013 - 2:15pm

Have you tried changing small things at first or do you do better when you change everything? Taking small steps is a guaranteed way of staying on track for longer stretches of time. Here are some things you can change to start:

1. Keep a solid emotional support system around you. Don't let people bring you down emotionally. Being stressed or depressed is a sure fire way of overeating. Use this online community if you have no one else! Many of us have very limited support systems off line. 

2. Drink more water. 

I'm not going to tell you to drink 8 glasses a day because I dont even do that myself. But start somewhere

3. Start eating better OR stop eating junk foods or fast foods. Whatever it is that triggers you, change it a little

4. Try to move a little each day.  Maybe all you can do is walk 5 minutes, do that! Look for videos, DVD, youtube, for larger women workouts. They work!!! 

5. Be kind to yourself!!!!!!!!!!! No more beating yourself down! Start telling yourself these thing:

I can do this

I am the type of person that can follow through

I deserve good health

I do have the desire to change a little bit each week 

Even if you don't believe it 100% right now, just start saying it. Even if you don't feel like walking 5 minutes, just do it and see how you feel about it tomorrow or when your done. Lastly, I'm so happy you are back!! Please stick around. I'm so rutting for you! When your ready please post a little update on what's been going on with you since you were last here or where you are at with things today! HUGS!!!

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Thu, 01-24-2013 - 5:55pm
Welcome to the board. I tried to post last night but no luck...I echo what tmz says. I also think you need to know your motivation for being on this journey. You have to want it for you. I think three good first steps are - stop drinking soda, juice, sweet coffee drinks and drink water. Walk 20 minutes a day, even if you have to do 4 five minute walks, do not reward yourself with food for this. Keep a food journal - for a week or two, write down what you eat, where, when, why, who you were with. This will give you great clues to yourself snd to the ways reality is different than what you think. That will help with. The next set of changes...best wishes
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Mon, 01-28-2013 - 10:49am

Thank you both for responding so kindly. As of last week I started drinking more water. A friend told me to keep bottled water in the fridge with a bowl of fruit to squeeze in it and to my surprise, it seemed so easy to drink water doing that way. Also, I did not buy soda yesterday grocering shopping so I think I am off to a good start this time.

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Thu, 01-31-2013 - 6:19pm

Another suggestion is that each time you walk to the kitchen to find something to eat, ask yourself "Am I really, truly HUNGRY or is there something else that is triggering me to reach for food?"  One of my biggest downfalls has always been crunchy, salty stuff, like potatoe chips, Cheetos, flavored crackers, etc... and I can eat 8 servings in one sitting without thinking about it.  But usually it was boredom or frustration or just a desire for the taste of the food, rather than actually being hungry, that would cause me to grab the bag and have at it.

I'm doing Atkins now and a lot of what I can eat on Atkins requires preparation.  It's much easier to decide not to eat that something when I'm not really hungry, if I have to spend the time to cook it first.


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