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Mon, 12-10-2012 - 1:26am

Whew!  I just got finished reading the posts from over the weekend.  So much news! 

Josie, I'm so sorry about your ankle.  I hope you're feeling much better today.  I'm glad you're enjoying your new book.  I'm sure that helped to make the time go by more quickly while you were recuperating.

Ruthie - Praise the Lord!  I'm so glad some spaces opened up in the place closer to you.  What a blessing.  I hope everything goes well with the transition.  I'll be praying for you and your folks.

We had a good weekend.  We still don't have our Christmas decorations up inside.  I'm planning on that for next weekend.  I've been searching around for a reeeeeeally inexpensive way to get a tree - not a whole lot of luck so far, but hopefully before next week.  We had a blast watching the Redskins' game.  My golly, it sure is fun to win....I had forgotten. LOL

So, today is laundry-palooza around here.  I'm also going to be doing some grading and getting my final exams printed and ready.  Tomorrow, Dan and I are hoping to make it to the giant Goodwill store.  I'm really hoping for a lot of success there.  We're running out of time, and we haven't had a lot of luck for some of the people on our list so far.

Have a marvelous Monday!

(((((HUGS))))) - Karen



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Mon, 12-10-2012 - 4:05am

HI Buddies.

Anyone want to babysit an almost 2 yr old puppy that is NOT understanding Mom can't walk and now TV in living room is dead and she is jumping over me as I try and plug anything into the same outlet to make sure it isn't the outlet, but a hair dryer turned on, so it is the TV.   And that is the main one hooked up to the cable so unless I want to crash out in the basement and watch the set that only goes to channel 13 I guess no tv for me.   Another first time hurdle to tackle as a widow.   Sorry if I sound so meladramatic but another learning experience I didn't sign up for.  I did find the receipt and it is 5.5 yrs old and was not cheap as 50 inch HD tv.   So plan A is call brother in law mid morning as he works second shift and see if he can look at it,  I have a very very small tv we had in the boat, so not sure if that could be hooked up to the cable???   Well,  see if brother in law can come over and take it from there I guess.   I sure am not going to buy another 50 inch, I thought this huge one was insane to begin with.

Out of clean towels so hobbled downstairs to start doing the white laundry.   Have the water softener repairman coming this morning, part of the warranty package I just bought, one free check up a year and I am guessing hubby never cleaned it the 4 or so years we had it before he died.

Not that much on my calendar this week and good thing as I maybe tv shopping and waiting for tv cable people to hook up dvr to it.   Another time I will need to dip into savings, but grateful I have some saving to dip into I guess.

Ruthie: keep the snow, although my stepson did get my snow tires on yesterday so I am ready.

Went to sunday school and the brunch of mostly couples yesterday so check that off the assignment list from therapist.

Will search internet to see who won amazing race as even if tv gets rehooked, not going to hold my breath squat is on the dvr.

Karen:  can't you just back cookies as holiday gifts?  Anyone you buy for should be understanding your current situation.

love,  Josie

P.S.  why is ivillage asking if I want to stay logged in when it is NEVER allowing me to stay logged in?   Did they hire first graders to set up these boards or what?   If I was an ad executive and I saw how poorly this whole thing was done, I wouldn't place ads here.



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Mon, 12-10-2012 - 8:47am

Good Morning....We got 12 inches of snow yesterday...and it is like a picture postcard...the tree branches are frosted with it...Lovely Lovely....Even enjoyed shoveling last night...  :)

Got most of my Christmas cards written and ready to mail today...woo hoo....Also taking the car in for an oil changed and then MUST hit the mall and do some Christmas shopping....

Karen...yes it was a miracle as far as a place close opening up.. I know mom will not be happy...But the only blessing is she will forget she was upset....and dad is good with the move...and I know in my heart and head that it is a necessity for keep them safe and healthy...

Karen...hope you find an inexpensive tree...maybe a used artificial one?  Hope you get to Goodwill and find good things!!  Woo hoo that your team won...our team(Vikings)won too!!!  Prayers come your way daily for help in your situation...

Josie....oh no...your tv is broken...gee....hate it when these things break....Glad you got to Sunday school and brunch...and got an assignment done for your therapist....Hope your week picks up....Prayers and Hugs for you!!

Hugs, Ruthie


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Mon, 12-10-2012 - 6:16pm
Josie - I'm so sorry about your TV. How aggravating that it has to happen when you're hurt. ((((HUGS)))) Cookies are a wonderful gift, but we're looking for gifts for our kids and close family. I will be baking cookies as my contribution to the holiday eats -- that's what I usually do, so it wouldn't seem like much of a gift to just give them more cookies. They all understand that we're shopping at Goodwill/Dollar Stores this year, and they're great about it. I'd just like to be able to find a couple of things for each person that they really enjoy - even if they're used or reeeeeally inexpensive. I've found some fun stuff for my parents and the girls (though I need more for them), but I'm not having as much luck with my aunt or in-laws. Hopefully, the outlet is the answer! ((((HUGS)))) - Karen



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Mon, 12-10-2012 - 6:18pm
Ruthie - Oooooooo, lots of snow!! I'll bet it's gorgeous outside your windows. Thanks for the suggestion about the tree. I haven't actually seen a tree at any of the thrift stores we've visited yet, but maybe the outlet will have one? We'll figure out something even if we have to build a tree out of cardboard! Congrats on the Vikings' win! ((((HUGS)))) - Karen