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Mon, 12-17-2012 - 1:46am

Welcome to a new week, Buddies! 

Ahhhhh - no classes this week.  :)  I still have a pile of stuff to do to close out the semester, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. 

Guess what we found?!?!  A Christmas tree!  We drove all over the place looking for a sign saying Cheap Trees - no luck - so we went to the farm we usually go to, and we wandered around until we found a tree that had been marked down.  I didn't even know that was a possibility!  It's a little funny shaped, but not too bad, and we cut it ourselves, so it's nice and fresh.  I'm delighted.  I can't wait to get the lights on it!

So, what are your plans for the day?  I want to get myself organized for Christmas.  I've been so busy with school that I haven't dealt with planning and organizing the holiday the way I need to.  I also want to decorate the heck out of this house.  We managed to get the tree, and I did a bunch of cleaning, but I didn't really get too many decorations up.  The house is ready for decorating though, so it should go pretty quickly.  I can't wait to see everything all shiny and covered with lights and Santas and snowmen.  Wheeeeee!

Have a wonderful Monday!

((((HUGS)))) - Karen



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Mon, 12-17-2012 - 9:30am

10 tries to sign in...Ridiculous!!!

Karen....glad you found a cheap tree....and have fun decorating...helps to start with a clean house...

Went to church and brunch with my folks...then football(Vikings won) and did some wrapping...getting there....

Today getting my haircut...and all ready have to take back a gift we bought...wrong

Also very very fed up with ivillage...getting to be a waste of time...

Hope this posts....Ruthie


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Mon, 12-17-2012 - 8:29am

i totally give up with ivillage, I just typed a response and it kept saying to wait and that was after several attempts to log in and some script error repeatedly showing but guess what their ads are working a o kay.   Wondering if they aren't selling ads by saying it takes all posters so long to do anything we are looking at more ads?   see you all on face book if things don't improve here asap.