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Sat, 12-01-2012 - 8:52am
Got to Target and got more than I wanted...of home and one thing was totally left hubby at home and back I went to exchange I did TWO trips to

This afternoon we are going to our son's house...and picking him and the two grandsons...ages 6 and almost 5 up...and going downtown Minneapolis and going to the Holidazzle can google it, is a parade during the holidays....Thursday-Sunday from Thanksgiving to the 23rd of December...It is all lights....and it is lovely!!  Big and little kids enjoy it!!  Then hopefully going to St. Paul to Phalen Park....for a drive thru of the park that is set up with will get us in the Christmas spirit.... thinking your back is keeping you away from the computer...hope you get some relief!!

Josie what are you doing today?  Thinking about you!!!

Hope all have a good day and great weekend!!



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Sat, 12-01-2012 - 3:44pm

Hi Buddies.

Ruthie: what a beautiful day you have planned with holiday parade and your loved ones, sounds like story line for one of the many Hallmark movies I have been watching lately.   My sister had loaned me some books but just none of them are sparking my interest so watching lots of movies instead.

Today has been a better mental health day which I so appreciate as yesterday was not so good.

I have been having so many aches and pains in my legs from my toes to my butt and all parts inbetween.   Thinking it might be wise to just concentrate on walking Rudi, slow as it is and skip at home exercising for now.  I just worry I am going to aggravate that right knee and then I so don't want to not be able to walk.

Tomorrow have some plans out of town.   There is 8 of us from my small town meeting another 4 down in Columbus for the Living Trees production.   It is an annual production at a mega church.   Last year was my first and real camels and donkeys as they show the story of Mary and Jesus.   Choir sits in tiered balcony seats that are tapered like a tree.   And at the end the "angels" on the wall come alive and you realize those men were probably dangling from there for hours waiting to move.   Then stopping for dinner on the way home.  This will be my holiday show for the season.

Rudi was stinking like a hound so she got a bath, and then I gave her an edible bone which lasted 5 minutes until she sat and ate it, it was bacon flavored.    I need to get to pet store and get more edible bones.   Won't make the mistake to buy all the toys like I did last year that are destored in 5 minutes.

We took a second shorter walk midafternoon, had our longer one early this morning.   I am so appreciative I have Rudi in my life.

have a good evening and rest of the weekend ladies, love,  Josie

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Sat, 12-01-2012 - 7:24pm

Good Evening Buddies!

Sorry I haven't been on in a while, but I forgot my log-in and it took me forever to get back on.

Ruth, Hope you are having a fun day with the family.   A friend of mine posted last night that she was in Minneapolis to see that parade.  What a weird coincidence.  Our town had a Dickens of a Christmas event last night, which included living window displays in many of the stores.  The kids also visited Santa, ate some free samples, and just enjoyed walking around.

Josie, Sounds like you had a quiet day today, but a fun-filled today tomorrow.  Enjoy!

I had to work this morning, and ended up being there 30 minutes later than expected.  Hours and training wise, this bank job is way worse than the factory job.  Although, I don't miss being physically exhausted at the end of the day.  This evening I am going to watch the Badger vs. Cornhuskers game and maybe get a little cleaning in so that we can start decorating for Christmas tomorrow.  I told the boys we weren't going to get any decorations out for Christmas until the house was cleaned.  They actually cleaned up the living for me this afternoon.

MARY  Loving Mom and Wife 

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Sun, 12-02-2012 - 3:06am

Hi Mary, I missed you here.   I think ivillage is about dead on the boards I use to post on at least.

I was hoping the bank job would be better, so maybe it will get better as time goes on?   Glad the boys helped with the cleaning and time to decorate now.

enjoy your day,  love,  Josie