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Sat, 12-15-2012 - 1:38am

Welcome to the weekend, y'all!

I'm sorry I didn't get yesterday's good morning posted.  I had a migraine on Thursday that stretched through Thursday night and into Friday morning.  I swear a lot of that time is just a blur.  I'm having more migraines lately.  I'm not sure if it's a menopause thing or a stress thing - both are definite possibilities.

I'm so sad about yesterday's tragedy.  I can't imagine what kind of tortured mind is capable of such awful acts.  It breaks my heart in so many ways.

So, what are your plans for today?  We're going to spend the weekend decorating for Christmas.  We hope to find a tree that doesn't stress us out price-wise.  I also have to grade final exams - grades are due by Wednesday morning.

Have a wonderful Saturday!

((((HUGS)))) - Karen



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Sat, 12-15-2012 - 4:13am

Well ladies, took 3 times to get on it and if it didn't work this time I was hopping over to face book and write you all from there.  HELLO ivillage,  still way too many problems here, in fact, can anyone think of one benefit with the new and improved????

OK:  Karen: sorry on the migraine and probably stress related.  Not the same reason but I use to get headaches after therapy when we did the hard issues,  like my brain was fighting with itself, so I am guessing Dan's job and health insurance is rolling around in your brain.

Got my TV!   Alas, this morning took a few tries with 2 remotes but got it on.  Even with the old one sometimes the cable kicks you off and the new tv doesn't show a light it is even on.   Downsizing from 50 inch to 40 inch was the right choice also.

Rain has been moved back to afternoon so Rudi and I will get our walk in, also need to vacuum and do laundry.

Ladies:  did you hear the thunder from heaven last night?   A friend of mine innocently asked about me letting rudi in my bed and after I listed all the issues I had, I don't know, that wed nite her crying for hours on end, it just killed my soul somehow.  So last night I moved around lamps so I had a lamp on my nightstand that I could put on to see in the room as all the years we lived here all we had was the light in the ceiling with the switch at the door.   I switched to a quilt that didn't have sentimental memories- I had Mom's on there.   Wore PJ bottoms to bed and accepted we will be pottying in the middle of the night, so my little Rudi moved up to the big girl bed and slept there with me last night. Got over my issue of what if someone drives by and sees me in pjs out there.  I used hubby's pillow to keep her on the bed and I put a magazine rack in front of shelves where small elephants Mom collected was on so if she did sneak out she won't try and eat them like I have caught her before.

And accepting there will be dog hair in the bed, for you long time dog owners I sound pretty picky but just all this is so new to me.  

I think being at the vet and a family there was making the decision to put their cat to sleep just got to me somehow, made me think of what is Rudi's place in my life.

So plan to watch lots of tv today! 

Ruthie:  how is the packing going?   Karen: hope you woke up pain free.   Missing Carol and Mary too.   love,  Josie