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Wed, 11-07-2012 - 10:38pm

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!  Yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!  Look how many buddies managed to get on the board yesterday!  I am so happy.....but shhhhh....I'd better play this more cool.  Don't want to jinx anything.  Maybe I should knock on some wood....

Anywho - I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to answer posts yesterday.  Carumba, I'm so pooped.  I don't know if it's hormones or stress or stress or stress, but I'm so worn out lately.  I'm going to make a serious attempt to get more sleep and see if that helps.

So, happy Thirstday!  Ready to get your glug on?  What else are you planning for the day?  I have class and grading and a bunch of phone calls and bills to deal with -- gosh, what a fun day.  Tongue Out  I'd better think of something fun to do too -- maybe some video games with J if I can find the time.  That should work off some stress.

Have a wonderful day, Buddies!

((((HUGS)))) - Karen



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Thu, 11-08-2012 - 4:24am

Hi.  I so miss the feature of seeing how many posts I haven't read and the next and previous prompt below,  I will bow to your wishes to stay here as if it was up to me, we would be finding another venue to keep in touch.  OK, end of whinning.

I was so tired from volunteer job,  when I first started there was 3 of us volunteers and back down to 1 yesterday.   Every part of my body ached when I got home.  Just a lot of lifting and sorting and cleaning and somehow I have become the take out garbage lady.  But glad I do it weekly.

Just looked online as still puzzled on Rudi.  After 10 days of antibiotic her skin is not 100% normal on her belly but has improved.  The licking of her paws that got better the first 2 days after allergy shot, is back full blown and she has a pimple between 2 of her nails, so is she licking because she has the pimple,  or her licking caused the pimple?   At this point, not sure another trip to the Vet is the best choice.  I changed her food to no dyes as I heard some dogs don't do well with dyes, but then I heard it could take up to 6 weeks to see a clear improvement if it is food related.   Or if it is grass or allergens outside still hoping more and more cold temps will help with that one.

Today I see my therapist, no other plans besides that.  That pimple on her paw had disappeared and now is back, same with her belly rash, it comes, it goes and it comes back again and changes in how bad it looks.   OK, thanks for listening.

Ruthie:  I wish for a time when all parent are healthy.

Carol: glad you love sales.

karen: don't think I would ever want to be a teacher.

bye ladies

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Thu, 11-08-2012 - 8:55am

Good Morning.... glad you are hanging in here...but I too will go where ever to stay together!!  Just wanted you to know that!  Sounds like you are getting a work out at your volunteer job....Hope Rudi's skin gets better...I know our last dog had skin issues...I think the vet said lack of hormones....think we would do some veggie oil on her food....did it help...not you have a good session with your therapist... are a busy one...hope you can get some fun in!!

I went to the doctor awhile ago with tingling and numbness in lower legs and feet....he did blood work, and other tests...and all was he is sending me to a neurologist...I go today...It is weird...mainly in the evening/night...and only lower legs and feet...Hope it is not serious...and an easy fix...Will see....

Hugs, Ruthie


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Thu, 11-08-2012 - 1:07pm

Hi Ladies,

I know that some of the technical issues here are frustrating and I don't have much to share on the board changes, I just wanted to drop in and tell you what I do know. Things are moving a little slow right now on fixes and updates because the iVillage offices are located in NYC and life has not gotten back to normal for all of the iVillage staff yet. Some are still dealing with power outages and damaged homes due to the big storm.

We know that some members still struggle with logging in and there are some things that need to be tweaked and added back to the boards, and we are getting to them as fast as we can.

I will be sure and drop by with additional information as I get it.



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Fri, 11-09-2012 - 1:18am

(((Josie))) -

Thank you so much for being willing to hang in here with us.  After all these years, I just can't leave this board or iVillage behind without giving them a chance to work this out.  I'm really hoping this will all be just an unpleasant memory in a few weeks.

Poor Rudi - I hope you see more improvement soon.  It's so tough with animals and babies since they can't tell you how they're feeling. 

As far as teaching - I love it most of the time, but there are weeks (like this one) when I feel like I'm grading my brains out.  I'm looking forward to Christmas break so much!

((((HUGS)))) - Karen



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Fri, 11-09-2012 - 1:20am
(((Ruthie))) - I hope you get good news from your doctor. Have they checked you for peripheral neuropathy? My mom has that, and your symptoms sound similar. Keep us posted! ((((HUGS)))) - Karen



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Fri, 11-09-2012 - 1:24am
((((Karla)))) - I know this must be a tough time for all of you in NYC. I really appreciate the improvements that have been made since the board changes -- I couldn't get on at all for a while, but now I can. That's a good thing, and I'm sure there are more good things on the way. ((((HUGS)))) - Karen