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Wed, 11-14-2012 - 11:37pm

Happy Thirstday!

I was just reading Ruthie's accountability post, and it made me realize that I have not been keeping up with my glugging this week at all!  Today will be different though.  I'm going to hydrate the heck out of myself!  ;)  Everybuddy else prepared for some serious gluggification?

What will you be doing with your day (between bathroom breaks)?  I'm going to be grading a LOT.  I also have a few phone calls to make.  Then I teach class tonight.  Really, I need to come up with something fun for this day.  Maybe J and I can play a game after my class.

I hope you all have a thirst-quenching Thirstday!

((((HUGS)))) - Karen



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Thu, 11-15-2012 - 4:17am

HI Buddies.

Karen: I finish my 90 some ounce jug of water daily, my downfall is the sweets and large portions of carbs.   I eat so fast and have to cram and stuff and fill up my stomach, like I am filling up a broken heart.   Before I was widowed I ate to comfort, numb a crappie childhood,  I had my first binge in second grade so food has been my demon, my addiction forever.

OK Survivor fans:  if Abby is such a B----, why didn't they vote her off instead of Artis?   I fast forward and barely pay attention so I obviously missed something big.

Supposedly today Sears guy is coming to put the new guts to hot water heater in.  I didn't answer the cell and they didn't leave a message but I see I got an 800 number call, so hoping that was confirmation he is still coming.

Hubby made a cameo in 2 dreams last night which is very very precious as tomorrow marks 2 yrs since he died.   He was my one and only love in my life, never dated much and was never in love before him, so he is my world even now when he is gone.

Will walk rudi early and then read my Chet the dog book.    love to all,  Josie

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Thu, 11-15-2012 - 8:30am

Good Morning, Buddies....

Karen..yes...take some time for you today!!  Even better than a video game...go outside for a walk... ;) Have a good day...

Josie....Survivor...Everyone knows that Abby has an immunity they voted for Artis so they could blindside and lower the numbers... :)

Josie....Special Hugs coming your way this week and especially tomorrow.... a most difficult time for you....(((((HUGS)))) dear friend....Know you are in my thoughts and heart....

Yesterday went and got a cut and color....LOVE ususal!!  Love my beautian...she does a nice job on this old

Today...have a funeral to go to....One of my coffee ladies's husband died on Sunday....She is 90...and he was almost 95 ....a good long life...but I feel for her as they have spent over 60 years together...Not a fun thing to do...

Hope this afternoon to get out for a walk in the park....I NEED the exercise....

Hugs to all...Ruthie