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Thu, 12-13-2012 - 12:40am

Happy Thirstday!

So, what's on your calendar for today, Buddies?  I think I'll be grading....and then I'll do some grading....followed by some grading.  Then, I'll go to class and give an exam -- just to be sure that I don't run out of things to grade.  ;)

I also have to remember to hydrate.  It is Thirstday, after all.  Do you all have your gluggification supplies at hand?

Have a lovely day!

((((HUGS)))) - Karen



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Thu, 12-13-2012 - 4:05am

Hi Buddies, wake me up when life has NO problems, or wait, that will be heaven, right?

My latest whine on Rudi is, I managed to take her on a short walk before I went to my volunteer job.  We were so busy preparing over 80 bags of food as part of food for hungry and Christmas bags as today they are picking them up.  Then they had a local food donation campaign so we sorted more boxes of food than I can count and still didn't finish.   I gave God the credit for this home schooled teenager girl just dropping in and helping.  She could lift the heavy boxes me and the 80+ yr old volunteer couldn't.   So came home so tired but it feels so good to help.

I watch Wallstreet #2 movie, then I notice there is red and raw and pimply spot inside her left front leg, I LOST it and fought the urge to just cry my eyes out in frustration and helplessness.    New TV won't come till after 1pm on friday.

So I am exhausted and in no mood to watch old movies we have on hand:  war flick tora tora, fast and furious or chevy chase Christmas vacation.

I swear any people reading this will think I am an unfit furmom but she whined and scratched in her crate for 90 minutes or so.   I can't let her run loose in the house and I can't sleep with her in my bed.  She was fine on the couch so not like she was showing signs of discomfort and I was heartless and tossed her in crate.   I didn't know what to do as all the books say do NOT take dogs out of crate when they are noisy or they will learn that is quick way out.  I mean I have taken her out if she is puking.  I know I sound cruel.  So I don't know if I even got an hour of sleep.   I wake up and see it is now 11am and she has ceased the crying as I yelled big time at her as I was at breaking point earlier on.   But I swear it sounds like she is licking, so I get up, put clothes on, we potty and hunker down on couch.  Then 2am she is restless, I manage to delay her until 3am. 

I am sorry I am so long winded but I have no other humans to vent to!   So I feel hungover in a very sleepy way.

So today I did have plans to eat locally with a friend at 11:30 and stop at library for more movies but my life is on hold until I call vet and see what to do.   I am so hopoing he doesn't suggest changing food unless he is very very sure that is it.   Seems very clear to me, I walk her and then it gets worse.

Ruth: glad your parents get to share the same space, can you imagine the adjustment if they were at opposite wings of the facility or something?

Karen: grade away,  you can grade me on my treatment of Rudi and give me a D-.   I actually laid in bed as she whined and thought, am I the best person to have her?   I love her and she is tons of company but this frustration is getting to me and triggers me so bad mentally.

oh well, will close this novel.  thanks for listening,  Josie

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Thu, 12-13-2012 - 7:22am

Good Morning....Only took me 8 tries to log in....GRRRRR Ridiculious!! 

Karen...and what will you be doing in your 'spare' time....let me guess ....GRADING!!!  Hope you get it all done!!

Josie...I think you are doing so well with Rudi....sounds like Rudi is a high maintance puppy....You are not the only one who has fustrations with pets...and children...and elderly....we all are human....and do reach the point where we can hardly stand it....or them....Trust me....have had and continue to have my frustrations with Children...they DO know which buttons to push...and elderly...ashamed to say....there are times I can't stand my parents...(talk about feeling guilty)...Rudi gives you pleasure more than not....

Meeting went well with my folks yesterday....Have a move in date of December I crazy or what....but the sooner they are moved ....the better it will be for them...and me....Have packers/movers lined up....yea!!!  Please say a prayer that this IS a good move for them...

Today....hubby and I will be hopefully finishing Christmas shopping...Still have a few cards to write...but that will probably wait until the weekend....

Need to get my water cup...and get my 'glug-on'

Hugs, Ruthie