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Mon, 11-12-2012 - 11:26pm

Good Loseday morning, Buddies!

I'm missing our MIA buddies today.  I hope everyone is okay.  If you're lurking and you haven't tried posting lately, I hope you'll give it a whirl.  It's getting easier -- not perfect yet, but easier.  ((((HUGS))))

So, what are your plans for today?  I have two classes and I absolutely have to get some groceries in this house.  Our refrigerator is the emptiest it's been since we first got it.  Gotta get some healthy food in this place!

I hope you have a wonderful day!

((((HUGS)))) - Karen



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Tue, 11-13-2012 - 5:03am

Hi Buddies.    Karen:   I use to post on 4 ivillage boards and do to some other issues, seldom do the other 3 but I glance at them and they are like ghost towns,  if the top people are paid according to activity to sell ads, lets' say, their pay checks are going to be a little lean from what I have seen.

Karen: I know what you said on Dan carrying the medical insurance, I was lucky that my work always had it available so I paid for it more than not when hubby was alive.    Hopefully a good permanent job will come up.  would you all ever consider moving to where he could get a better job?   Housing where I live,  if the house sells it goes for a fraction of what it use to sell for so like NO one is moving unless they can afford about giving the house away.

Today my friend is picking me up and I am paying for her lunch, she is the only who spent a few hrs with Rudi while I was gone last saturday so this is how I am saying, thanks.

Karen: have you reserved the upcoming Steph Plum novel?   Just my local small library has couple hundred reserves on it already.

Will walk Rudi in a couple hrs here.      I missed my other buddies too,  love,  Josie

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Tue, 11-13-2012 - 8:56am

Good Morning...I am here....

Karen...what about 'certificates' for a special home cooked meal, or favorite cookie, or a back or foot rub....just a thought....Keeping you in my prayers for a job for your hubby...

What does your mom do for her neuropathy?  Just far no known cause...Have a EMG on Friday..not sure what that will tell...

Josie...what a nice thing to do for the gal that looked in on Rudi...very thoughtful!  Enjoy...

I was busy yesterday...cleaned out our refridge...Don't want to put Extra food in a dirty fridge...also cleaned out freezer above fridge...Looks so much better!!  Then went to Target got some things for us and things for my folks...then dropped them off for them...They were pleased...

Watched Dancing with the that show!  Then Castle...I hated that

Today more cleaning...want to get things done before company next week....and some phone calls, and a couple of errands....Then bowling!

Hope all have a wonderful day!

Hugs, Ruthie


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Tue, 11-13-2012 - 10:35pm

Josie -

We'd prefer to stay where we are if we can.  Our girls are here as well as my parents (who aren't getting any younger).  I'm not really confident in our ability to sell our house even if we did decide to move.  Thanks for the ideas though. 

I'm going to have to get myself on the list at the library for that book.  Hopefully, my turn will come up during winter break when I have some extra reading time!

((((HUGS)))) - Karen



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Tue, 11-13-2012 - 10:38pm
I'm happy to see you, Ruthie. We missed you yesterday. (((HUGS))) As far as my mom's neuropathy, I'm not sure what medications she takes now, but I can ask. She also has these pain relief patches that she puts on her feet sometimes. It must be exciting (and exhausting) getting ready for a bunch of Thanksgiving company. We always go to my parents' house, so I've never hosted a big holiday dinner. How many will you have for dinner? ((((HUGS)))) - Karen