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Tue, 11-27-2012 - 9:46pm

Happy Wednesday, y'all! 

I'm sorry I missed yesterday.  I threw my back out, and I pretty much spent the day on ice.  It was actually sort of funny (and painful) -- I swear I was just like one of those characters in a TV sitcom that tries to stand up and gets stuck halfway up.  I was in an upside down L shape, and I was stuck!  It's feeling a little better now, but still not great.  I'm hoping another night's sleep will make it feel normal.

So, what are your plans for the day?  I'll be teaching class - if I can stand up straight.  ;)  After that, I'll probably spend a lot of time on ice packs and heating pads.  I have a book I'm reading and a video game to play, so I guess I can keep myself amused.

I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday!

((((HUGS)))) - Karen



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Wed, 11-28-2012 - 3:53am

Hi Buddies.

Karen: sorry on  your back, ouch, hope it gets better as the day unfolds.

Today is my volunteer job.   Boy the thought of ever having a real paying job again, esp in my field, and the panic starts inside me.  Not happy with rising health costs for state of Ohio retirees as they will be more than doubling in 13 and again in 2014, but still don't want a paying job!

Ladies:  I had Mexican last night and my body feels like a sluggish high fat fried hangover, why do I do this to myself?   But instead of beating myself up,  I need to think ahead on how I will feel afterwards, I use to be able to do that one, and I can again if I put the effort into it.

This morning my left ankle is a little sore, which after that ankle being broke and then sprained is  reality check of why I no longer do yoga as so much of what I loved in it I would be putting a lot of weight onto that ankle.   And yes, one could tone all the poses down, but then it wouldn't be what I loved so much about it.

I needed a new coffee pot and I got what I wanted.  Just a simple Mr Coffee, I don't need a timer or a clock, I just need to hit the switch when I get up and have coffee!   My old one barely turned on after many attempts on sunday and my friend mentioned her old ones leak and I thought, OMG that is why there was always water on the counter, I thought I was messy when I poured the water into it.

Will walk Rudi early on as I leave the house a little after 9:30am.   have  a good day ladies, love,  Josie

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Wed, 11-28-2012 - 9:39am

Good Morning!

Karen...sorry you messed up your back again...and glad it is feeling some better....take it easy....

Josie...I'm with you....don't want to work any more....yes prices are going crazy!!  Enjoy your 'job' today...know you are doing something really good....Glad you got a new coffee pot...I agree The simplier the your ankle is doing better....

I did get out and walk yesterday...about 25 min...and it was FREEZING...the wind was cold....but I felt so good when I was done!  Need to get out again today!!

Put away Thanksgiving Turkeys and got out All the boxes of Christmas stuff...but it is in the boxes and will stay there for awhile....

Not sure what I am doing today...walk...and????

Hugs, Ruthie