How do you find a buddy in real life?

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How do you find a buddy in real life?
Mon, 05-27-2013 - 9:50am

How do you find someone in real life that is around your size and interested in being your diet buddy????

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Wed, 05-29-2013 - 8:40am

Have you tried going to the local gyms and putting up your name and number on the bulletin boards? Gyms in my area have them for people trying to hook up.

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Wed, 06-05-2013 - 11:12pm


I'm so sorry I didn't get to answer this until now.  Ivillage was going through some technical difficulties, and no matter what I tried, I couldn't get logged in so I could respond.  Hopefully, that's all behind us now.

I think the answer that you got from Owaitress was a great one.  You might also try posting at your place of work or church. 

Again, I'm so sorry for the delay in answering!

:) - Karen