Strange stomach quesion

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Strange stomach quesion
Tue, 01-24-2012 - 9:41pm

Hi Buddies,

So, been debating about posting this question for a few days, but decided, okay, they will think I am strange, but that is ok :smileyhappy:

For any of you that may have gained weight and gained most of it in your stomach/belly, does your belly ever just feel odd?

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Wed, 01-25-2012 - 12:40am
Heidi - First of all, please don't feel strange about asking. That's what buddies are for, right?

Second - I'm not sure I recognize the feeling you're describing, but maybe one of our other buddies will. I definitely feel like my tummy is in the way sometimes, but I don't know about the tingling thing.

((((HUGS)))) - Karen