Unwanted dieting buddy

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Unwanted dieting buddy
Sun, 06-09-2013 - 9:37am

I admire that you all are dieting but I have a problem I hope you can help me with. I have a friend who was just diagnosed with a medical condition and she's been placed on diet. Overnight she has become a diet expert and makes comments about every thing I put in my mouth. She has so much to say about my groceries or food choices when we are out to eat that I am really annoyed with her. I don't know how to tell that I am not interested in dieting and am tired of all her "advice". I want to be supportive of her dieting but I'm not interested in dieting myself. Any thoughts?

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Mon, 06-10-2013 - 10:03pm

I'm sure its very annoying to have your friend constantly commenting on your food choices; nobody likes to be criticized. And somehow its worse when its coming from a fanatical new convert.

What to do probably depends on your degree of tolerance, and how direct you want to be. Over time she will probably lighten up so maybe you can ignore it? In the meantime you might want to try to be with her for activities that don't include food.

The other route is to tell her that you appreciate her newfound concern for healthier foods, but you don't care to have your choices commented on. If she still doesn't get it, then ask her (firmly but as politely as you can muster) to please stop criticizing your food. That should either do it, or get you so annoyed with her that you decide to take a break from her.

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Tue, 06-11-2013 - 1:10am


This is a tough situation.  I know I've dealt with it before -- and I've also had to control myself from sharing too much of my newfound dieting knowledge.  A diet really can be sort of all-consuming.  It's easy to get so jazzed up that you become a little fanatical.  Maybe if you express to your friend how proud you are of them and how happy you are that she's doing so well ------- and let her know that her attention to your diet is making it so you're feeling uncomfortable about eating with her.  If it's done nicely, with understanding of the fact that she's probably unaware that you're feeling uncomfortable -- I think most people would take the hint.  Of course, you know your friend, and I don't, so I wouldn't want to recommend anything you don't feel comfortable with.

I wish you all the best with this -- I'd love to hear what solution you finally decide to use.

(((HUGS))) - Karen