Friday Weigh-In Time!

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Friday Weigh-In Time!
Fri, 04-06-2012 - 12:09am


-Weigh-Ins are always voluntary.

-We post a Weigh-In reminder twice a week (M & F), but most people choose one day a week to record their weight loss - usually the day that works best with their own weigh-in schedule.

--Weigh-Ins are usually posted in this form:

Starting Weight/Current Weight/Goal Weight -- # of lbs. gained or lost

An example would be:

210/191/160 -- Lost 1 pound this week!

--Note - Remember to post your weigh in as a "New Discussion" instead posting it in response to this post. That way it's visible on the board without having to click through this post. Thanks!

:) - Karen