Josie's ramblings on weight

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Josie's ramblings on weight
Wed, 10-31-2012 - 4:35am

HI Buddies, just using this post vs. writing in my journal.  Wow, today is Halloween and in the future is Thanksgiving, Christmas and New years, Yikes:  all the added sugar available in the stores and on TV commercials.

I limit getting on the scale to once a month due to childhood issues on my parents teaching me thin people are wanted and loved and fat people aren't loved or wanted.   Lots of hours in therapy on that one.

I was surprised, yet not as I continue to have high calorie sweets in the house and eat them daily, duh,  a woman that will be 57 in January, retired, thereby limited activity even with walking Rudi,  do the math,  zillions of calories in, limited calories burned and one gains weight.

I don't want to count every calorie as that starts a whole new obsession in me.  I want something quick and easy,  I don't want to have to buy a blender and start tossing ingredients in it, I have a very limited kitchen inventory.

I went to Alanon for years, I know the 12 step wisdom of One Day at a time, keep it simple, easy does it.    I know calories, meaning grilled chicken is less calories than fried chicken.  So ladies by posting this, I am making the committment to make little changes daily the best I can.

I did look back and it will be 2 years later this month that I was widowed, and over all have gained 5# since then.  Alas, I have gained 12# since this past Spring as I had lost some since being widowed.

I will be living out of a cooler sometime starting thursday until after the new frig is delivered on friday and gets cold enough to stock up.   But once that happens and I have the free time, will go to the store and get some healthy foods to have on hand for step 1 at least.   Baby steps add up.

thanks for reading this,  Josie

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Wed, 10-31-2012 - 10:17am

Josie....I will join you on baby steps....I am older than you and STILL haven't figured it don't fret....I am working on less after supper eating as that is where I use up ZILLIONS of calories in sweets, chocolate, etc..Mindless I am committting also to healthier eating....I know I will never be model thin...but I would like to be lighter to do more for me and with the grands....soooooo here we go!!

Ruthie Laughing


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Wed, 11-07-2012 - 10:26pm
I just read this, Josie, and I applaud the small changes idea. That's what I need to do as well. I'm going to try to get myself to do that too! ((((HUGS)))) - Karen