Kristy in September

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Kristy in September
Thu, 09-13-2012 - 12:20pm

Omg, I'm actually starting a "month" journal, lol.  I'm gonna try a different format of tracking this time. :-)

Life:  For the most part, it's been up and down since I've been sick.  I'm still majorly busy, but I'm doing better with time management, so that's been a plus.  My family is having a bad week, so that equals stress for me, but I'm handling it well, I think.  Maybe next week will be better.

Exercise:  I've been doing really well with this.  Last month, I had a really structured exercise schedule, and with work and family, I think I got overwhelmed, ended up doing only a quarter of it, and then getting sick on top of that.  (I think we can all agree that it's been stress that's kept my immune system down.  I hate to say it, but for me, it seems like as soon as I'm feeling good about something, there's always something that brings it down.  But enough about that, because I don't want my journal to be just about depressing crap, it's really about just tracking what I've done, lol.)

  • Thursday-Sept 6- 30 minutes zumba (water was ok)-Mood was pretty good
  • Saturday-Sept 8- 30 minutes zumba (water was good)-Mood was great
  • Sunday-Sept 9- WATP 2 miles (water was excellent)-Mood was good
  • Monday-Sept 10- WATP 1 mile (water was meh)-Mood was good, it was a busy day, ran out of time lol
  • Tuesday-Sept 11- WATP 3 miles (water was good)-Mood:  Stressed, it's been a rough week so far
  • Wednesday-Sept 12- 45 minutes zumba + stretching (water was good)-Mood still stressed but ok

All in all, that's EXCELLENT for me considering I haven't consistently exercised in months.  I really pushed it with the 3 miles, but I wanted to catch up from Monday, and I'm surprised to say that my sinuses didn't bother me too much.  I think I've figured out how to be able to exercise and not end up sick in bed:  keep it low impact, don't push too much (well maybe a little, lol), and to stop when I get tired.  Also, to change my mindset and realize that even if I am only able to do 10 minutes of something, I'm getting my stamina back up.  So that has been positive.

Food wise, I think I've been doing ok.  I DO have a weakness for Krispy Kreme donuts, and every morning this week, there's been a box at work.  Yikes!  And I didn't eat just one on Monday, I had THREE!  Maybe I can call it stress eating?  Lol, nah, it was "mmmmm they look so good, I can't resist!"  I will be so happy when the boxes are gone.  And they're right at the front desk,  But I've balanced it well with my lunches, I believe.  

I hope that my momentum can last throughout the month!  And I want to apologize, I really hate that I can't respond to everyone's journals and the other posts like I used to, with 2 jobs, it's really hard for me to update, but I catch up on the reading when I can!  And I know it seems like days or sometimes WEEKS before I respond to replies, but I'm still here and I will reply.  

Ok, now that the long post is done, I hope that I really have success this month.  The good news is that I lost 2 pounds of bloat.  But there is awkward news, lol.  After I was sick, I finally got on the scale, and it showed that I had lost about 6 pounds.  I was like, "what?", but still happy.  So that got me back on the fitness wagon, right?  Ooops, cause when I got back on the scale, it showed that the battery was low (face palm, lol), and I only lost 2 pounds.  I was sad about it, but the scale tricked me into working out, so it's kinda good, I guess.  Turns out it's not the battery.  The scale is just broken.  Put new batteries and it's still saying "Lo".....are you serious?  LMBO.  So sometime this week, I will be purchasing a new scale, lol.  

Ok, now the long post is done, lol.