Motivation needed

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Motivation needed
Mon, 04-01-2013 - 6:20pm

Hi All,

Reposting from above as think I popped this in the wrong section! I'm a fit twenty-something who's a bit of a gym bunny and love sport in general. I have my summer holiday rolling round in 9 weeks time and after having had a few personal training sessions to "up" my workout, feel it is necessary to start eating a little bit more healthily. I have a rather sweet tooth and although allow myself sweet treats now and then, think sugar is addictive, so want it out my system for a while! Generally just want to feel better, lighter, have more energy and better skin etc. 

I have therefore decided to embark on the Clean & Lean diet from tomorrow. I am aiming for the 2 week kickstart to begin with and then following another 14-day plan, after which I will continue to eat Clean & Lean until my holiday.

I've decided to post every day to explain how it's going (a method I've not yet tried, but am hoping will motivate me, as I get tempted too easily to fall off the wagon). 

Hope a few of you will be there for support. Let's see whether I can resist the sugar temptation and eat Clean & Lean for 9 weeks...

Speak soon!