10 of the Wackiest Weight-Loss Diets of All Time

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10 of the Wackiest Weight-Loss Diets of All Time
Mon, 07-29-2013 - 1:27pm

Have you ever tried a fad diet? According to iVillage Health, there are some diets you shouldn't try. "For some reason, the simple suggestion that we should focus on healthy habits (eating right, exercising) and let our body weight settle where it may is met with the same fervent opposition that met Galileo. Remember when the United Nations suggested that eating bugs could help “combat obesity?” It’s not quite on the Weight Watchers’ meal plan just yet but you know that somewhere in the diet industry, somebody is trying to use that UN peg to market critters to us. Despite over 50 years of research that all tells us the same thing – healthy habits make people healthier, but rarely make us thinner – we continue to throw an almost endless supply of time, energy, and money toward thin. We are interesting specimen, we humans. And here are some equally wacky things we’ve done in the name of weight loss and “health.” read more

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I had a tapeworm once, it wasnt part of a diet and made me very Ill. I would recommend it Frown