Did I hit *that* point where it's just hard to lose?

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Did I hit *that* point where it's just hard to lose?
Fri, 03-22-2013 - 10:46am

Hi all.

I recently—within the last month—turned 35. A few years ago (6yrs) I lost 65 pounds in 5½ months. I'm now finding it harder to lose weight. I've gained some back and want to lose that plus the remaining weight. I've got 40 pounds to my ultimate goal. 

Anyone have any suggestions on kicking my body into gear? It seems like the scale has no problem going up, but going down is proving to be a royal pain in the rear.

Is it my age? How can I fool my body into thinking it's younger? LOL

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Hi Erin! You probably need to spice things up and try something new like weight lifting or a fitness class. I know more people who got the jump start they needed with some weight training in addition to their cardio workouts. Do you have a gym membership? If so, here is a beginning workout you might find helpful: http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/beginner_weight_training.htm

Good luck and let us know how you are doing.

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I am stuck at that last 15 lbs and everyone has told me the same as the lady who posted said, that I need to add in some weight lifting. I have bought a set of 3lb and 5lb weights and some fitness videos but have yet to try anything. Motivation is definitely a problem for me. I am considering a temporary gym membership to see if it motivates me to exercise any more.