Have you done a color run or mud race?

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Have you done a color run or mud race?
Sun, 05-12-2013 - 12:08pm

Have you ever done any of the wildly popular "themed" races such as a tough mudder, a color run or zombie dash? Was it fun? What was the best part?

For those of you who haven't done one yet but are considering it, iVillage Health has some training tips to help you train for one of these events: "If you love to run but get bored easily, consider training for a new kind of race. Designed to be so much fun that you forget you're exercising, fun runs like the Spartan Race or Glow Run have skyrocketed in popularity. Some are hard core, like the Tough Mudder, but others, like the Color Run, are low-key and perfect for newbies.  Check out our guide to find the race that’s best for your fitness level." READ MORE

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