Late-Thirties, where has the time gone?

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Late-Thirties, where has the time gone?
Fri, 06-07-2013 - 2:23pm

I've let it all go - eat way too much, don't exercise, have no time. I work full-time, have a three yr. old adorable active daughter, a helpful but needy husband and zero energy. I used to love to run - I still do - if I can find the energy, courage and time to get out there and do something. I should be running at around 5am to have time for everything in the day - before I had dd i could do that - now I am just falling back asleep at 5am after trying to get her back to sleep from her 3am wake up.....not good.........Recently went to some step aerobics at the gym, it was fun for a couple of weeks but I was super sore. I don't mind the sore - but like running more - just can't seem to get it done. Anyone else out there in their late thirties - trying to put all the exercise/diet/routine pieces back together after lots of life changes (marriage, house, kids, jobs...etc)? I just can't seem to find a good rhythm or routine for my day...too tired all the time. 

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Fri, 06-07-2013 - 10:10pm


Sounds like you are very busy...Still you have to make some time for time.

Have you had a Physical recently to rule out ANY health issues?

It wouldn't hurt to get one and it will give you some peace of mind...

I am a CL for Heart Health and older but when I read your post I had to reply....

You are very aware of some things that might need to be changed which is great.

Running is something it sounds like you really loved...

I know things sometimes change when we have kids but you still need something that is just for you...Maybe your husband could help take care of your daugher while you run even a couple days a week or maybe everyday but shorter runs.

Does he like to run? Or maybe a friend, like a Running Buddy?

Stress plays a big part in our overall health.

Exercise, whatever you chose to do helps to reduce it...It's is amazing ALL it can do for us both mentally and physically.

It's finding something that works for us both something we are passionate about and also make much-needed and wanted time for...

I am almost fifty-five and I wonder to where has the time gone?...;)...



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Wed, 07-03-2013 - 1:00pm

Thanks so much for the note Lorie. I actually did go for a physical about a year ago  - no major tests done but all looked good at the time. I am sure my cholesterol is not good though - it runs in my family - if eating right and exercising, it can be totally maintained at a healthy level but left un-monitored - it is not good. So - I would be willing to bet dollars to the donuts I've been eating - that it is not good. So, I am going to work hard to eat right and exercise before getting the next blood test to be sure it is not at a scary level! 

Anyway, I am still not running often but.... am trying. I actually am walking at work during l lunch more often (twice this week so far - YAY). 

It is funny because while I am walking - I keep wanting to run  - but then I get super sweaty! I do not come prepared to shower etc. at work in the middle of the day so getting super sweaty sucks but, I ran for ten minutes of my 45 minute walk on Monday and then ran for another 10 minutes during my 40 minute walk on Wednesday. So, that is progress. Now if I can just get up at 5am, run at home - then I could shower at home and not have to worry about! 

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Mon, 07-08-2013 - 12:15pm

I love to run, too but like you it's hard to find the time!  I work full-time, am married, have 2 daughters ages 14 and 5.  I so wanted to run a 5K this spring/summer but I haven't had time or should I say - made the time to train myself for it.  Maybe I can get on track to get one in for the fall. 

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Fri, 07-26-2013 - 12:47pm

I can totally relate. I have an 8 year old, go to school full time, work full time and I can never find enough time in the day to work exercise in. Lately, I have started doing 10 mins exercises here and there, and have added an all natural weight loss supplement called Skinny Fiber to my day. It's only been a couple of weeks, but have already started having more energy. 

Hopefully, this will help me wake earlier in the day to get a longer work out in. 

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Mon, 07-29-2013 - 4:22pm

I hear ya! I so wanted to run a race this summer too. I had these grand plans to get in shape and be fitting back into my smaller clothes by fall - HA! There is no chance of that now. BUT - The fall is my favorite time to run. Do you like running in the cooler weather? Maybe we'll find some inspiration to run when it gets cooler. Though, I should not use that as an excuse to wait to with that said - I am going to try to aim at a Turkey Trot run  - something later in the Fall. Maybe I can get enough running in between now and then to make a decent Thanksgiving day race. I don't know, that seems like a long way off but if I pick anything sooner - I just feel like I won't make it. 

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Mon, 07-29-2013 - 4:24pm

More energy!!!! That is totally what I need - I wake up with nothin' - and go to bed with a deficit so, more energy would be great. I am totally skeptical of supplements though - is it like a vitamin?