Why can't I keep the weight off? Need a new approach

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Why can't I keep the weight off? Need a new approach
Tue, 09-18-2012 - 9:20pm

Help needed from a desperate college student!

I have such an awful pattern when it comes to gaining and losing weight. Typically I gain my weight in the fall and winter and as soon as spring hits I'm motivated again and I work really hard through the summer to lose and maintain it.

In the fall I'm getting back into the swing of classes and I usually take a heavier courseload in the fall because we have bad winters here and I'm scared of driving so frequently in the snow. Last year was the worst I was up to 158lbs which is the heaviest I've ever been ( I'm really short ). I ended up losing 20lbs sensibly by cutting portion sizes, workout out at least 3 times a week, not drinking soda, and doing alot of outdoor activities.

I'm so burnt out between school and work that I don't have the energy and desire to exercise and especially to cook.

I've already gained like 5lbs back and it's really scaring me. I started gaining in August which is typically doesn't happen. I gained from going on a beach vacation and not being active plus having a ton of treats and then I came back and school started.

I've been thinking about weight watchers but I'm not sure.

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Welcome to the board Belle! I'm sorry you have such struggles with weight - it can be disheartening. BUT there are a couple of things you can do - if you're at school see if you have access to any classes that are of interest to you. Sometimes finding a class once or twice a week that you really enjoy can help keep you active, and provide an efficient use of your time when your time is limited.

Second of all - track your food intake. Get an idea over a couple of weeks of where your problem times are. Are you eating out too much? Do you stop at the snack shop between classes? Find out what your eating habits are so you are better armed to make changes.

Cut out soda!! For students especially this can be a tough one. And I don't mean switching to diet soda, I mean drink water. Or herbal tea. Or make your own iced tea with herbal tea. But a lot of time students rely on soda to get them through the day and end up ingesting loads of calories through drinks.

Choose to make one dietary change each week. Maybe it's bringing snacks to eat rather than buying them, or cutting back your deluxe coffee to a skinny version. Pick one thing that you know you can stick with throughout the week - not too hard that you might not accomplish it, but hard enough you will feel proud of yourself for sticking with it!

The ladies here are all great and I'm sure will have lots of suggestions too!

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Welcome to the board!

Weight loss can be overwhelming as it is and add that to an already overwhelming life it can be hard to squeese in. I'd recommend choosing one or two goals each weekand making a dedicated effort to follow them. Focusing on water, not eating after 8pm, limited alchohol, packed snacks, a healthy breakfast, walking, etc... are all ideas that you could incorporate.

Weems like most of us are trying to balance a combination of jobs, husbands, school, children, family, LIFE. It's a constant struggle for all of us but if you start small then you can expand as you get more into a routine of it all.