Fun Romantic Fiction: A Proposal

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Fun Romantic Fiction: A Proposal
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:heart:Fun Romantic Fiction: A Proposal

From Woman’s World Magazine by Rosemarie Naramore

It had never occurred to Holly that if she

Wanted to get to know the handsome

stranger, she should just give him a ring! DownloadedFile-131.jpeg

Red Velvet Cupcake guy is here!”  Brenda said, nudging Holly.  “Looking cute as ever!”  “Shh!  He’ll hear you!” Holly warned, adding “Are his cupcakes ready?”  “Tom already boxed them up,” Brenda said.

The handsome customer, a Friday regular, stepped up to the counter at Holly’s bakery.  “The usual,” he said, smiling.  He had such a friendly smile.  Holly thought.  And beautiful blue eyes.  She lifted the lid to show him the half-dozen cupcakes inside.  “They look delicious, as usual.”  His smile faded a bit as two customers entered the store.  “You’re busy – and I’d better get going,” he said.  Then he paid for the cupcakes and, with a wave, he left the store. 

:heart:He opened his hand to reveal a gold band”

Brenda watched him leave.  “Do you think he takes the cupcakes to work?” she wondered aloud.  “Or, does he take them home to his wife and kids.”  “I don’t know,” Holly said.  “He doesn’t wear a wedding ring.”  “So you have checked his ring finger,” Brenda said.  “Okay, you caught me,” Holly said with a laugh. 

Holly was at the counter filling orders when Tom, her assistant baker, came charging out of the back room.  “Tom, what’s going on?” she asked him.  “I… I’m really sorry, Holly but I think my wedding ring fell into the cupcake batter.”  “Which batch?”  He shook his head.  “I don’t know.”

Holly’s stomach turned over.  What if a customer broke a tooth on the ring, or swallowed it?  She groaned as visions of lawsuits danced in her head.  “Are you sure?  Maybe you left it at home?”  “No, I definitely took it off and put it on the shelf above my workspace.”  He sighed.  “Now it’s not there, and all I can think is that it fell into the batter.” 

A search of the bakery turned up no sign of the ring, leaving Holly sick with dread each time the phone rang or the front door opened.  When a woman who’d picked up her order that morning came in, Holly saw by the expression on the woman’s face that something was wrong.  “I’m very upset!”  The woman set two boxes on the counter.  “I ordered vanilla cupcakes, but these are lemon!  And my niece’s baby shower starts in an hour!”  Holly exhaled.  “We’ve just baked a fresh batch of vanilla cupcakes.  We’ll ice them and deliver them in fifteen minutes  with an extra dozen on the house.

After the woman left, Holly continued to fret.  Someone was going to find that ring in their cupcake.  At closing time, Holly was just locking up when she saw Red Velvet Cupcake guy approaching.  Oh, no, she thought, trying to gauge his mood.  Is – is this it?  She opened the door.  “Can I help you?”  she asked.  “I just want to say,” he said, “That I really think we should have dinner first.  Maybe go out a few times.”  

She frowned, confused.  “You know,” he said, smiling, “Before I accept this.”  He opened his hand to reveal a gold band in his palm.  “The ring!”  Holly exclaimed.  “I am so sorry.  One of the bakers lost it…” she stopped, “Did someone break a tooth or …”  “Nothing like that.  The ring was actually in the box, not baked into a cupcake.”  He grinned as he handed the ring to her.

Holly signed, then her face flushed and she said, “Oh!”  At the man’s questioning look, she said, “ I just got your joke… the wedding ring.”  She giggled.  “That’s funny.”  Here’s something else that may amuse you,” he said.  “I’ve been coming in every Friday for a month, trying to work up the nerve to ask you out.”  Her eyes widened in surprise.  “You have?”  he nodded.  “But if it keeps up, I won’t fit into my pant much longer.  He patted his stomach.  “You could’ve bought just one cupcake instead of a half-dozen,” she pointed out. “But I love red velvet cupcakes!”  He extended his hand.  “I’m Ethan, and I know you’re Holly,”  he said.  “Will you go out with me?”