Personality Insight: What's YOUR Favorite Fall Flavor?

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Personality Insight: What's YOUR Favorite Fall Flavor?
Tue, 11-20-2012 - 5:31am

What’s Your Favorite Fall Flavor?

From maple to cinnamon, the flavors of fall not only capture the spirit of the season, they shed light on your personality, says neurologist Alan Hirsch, M.D.  "Emotions and memories are intertwined with the flavors we love," he explains.  Just find your favorite fall flavor to learn more about yourself!

From Woman’s World Magazine by Kristina Mastrocola

If you love the flavor of…


You’re sweet and resilient!

Your taste for the super-sweet flavor mirrors your kind, open heart.  Yet as gentle as you are, like the maple tree, you’re also fiercely resilient, says Dr. Hirsch.  Just as maple overcomes the obstacles of nature (from early frosts to raging storms) to produce syrup, you overcome life’s challenges to produce your own kind of nectar: wisdom.


You’re a team-playing decision-maker!

You’re the ultimate team player and decision-maker.  That’s no surprise, says Dr. Hirsch, noting that your taste for the ‘worldliest” of spices – versatile, exotic ginger  - reflects your open-mindness.  “You like to gather as many opinions as possible before hatching a plan,” he says, noting that once you do, you go after that plan fearlessly and independently.


You’re a striving go-getter!

“A” is for apple… and Alpha.  Your preference for the former implies that you personify the latter.  “You don’t take no for an answer and work hard to achieve your goals,” says Dr. Hirsch.  Indeed, from the first crisp bite, the taste of apple is study-proven to boost your mood and your endurance.  And your love of the “first fruit” shows you’re destined to be number one in anything you pursue.



You’re a poised people person!

“You tend to be contemplative yet sociable,” says Dr. Hirsch.  Though reserved, you love spending time with your family and friends.  After all, pumpkin is synonymous with two holidays: Halloween and Thanksgiving – representing two of the most important sets of people in your life:  the friends you trick-or-treated with and the family you gather around the table with to feast on turkey and pumpkin pie!


You’re a detail-oriented observer!

Complementing everything from maple-doused French toast to uber-chocolately hot cocoa, cinnamon is a subtle spice that mirrors your own serenity.  “Calm and introspective, you tend to be observant and detail-oriented,” reveals Dr. Hirsch, explaining that because you’re so sensitive noticing every nuance both in your surroundings and in the flavors of your food – you don’t need a huge kick of cinnamon to be happy – just a dash or two will do!

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Fun reading stuff, but I don't understand how a preference in flavor determines a personality.