Personality Insight: Your Perfect Sunset!

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Personality Insight: Your Perfect Sunset!
Fri, 09-21-2012 - 10:12am

From Woman’s World Magazine by Kristina Mastrocola

 Personality Insight

Pick your perfect sunset!

Few things on earth – or above it – are as

captivating as a gorgeous sunset.  And since what captures our imaginations reveals our personalities,

your perfect sunset says a lot about YOU!


If you’re drawn to…


A city sunset:images-6.jpeg

You’re an undaunted do-er!

When the sun goes down over the city, a natural wonder is framed by a man-made wonder.  Your instinctive attraction to this powerful parallel underscores your strong personality.  Ambitious and driven, you’re as upwardly mobile as the striving monuments and skyscrapers that define the city skyline – and just as they seem to touch the sun, so do you reach for the stars!


A desert sunset:  images-7.jpeg

You’re a resilient dynamo!

The burnt oranges and simmering yellows of a desert sunset radiate almost as much heat as the arid landscape itself.  If you’re drawn to this fiery scene, it’s because you’re full of energy and not easily deterred by challenging “climates,” be they Sahara desert or the professional jungle.  Armed with formidable reserves of mental and physical stamina, you’re destined to achieve the loftiest of long-term goals!


A tropical sunset:  images-8.jpeg

You’re an uncontainable creative!

From vivid pink to playful purple, the colors of a tropical sunset seem as if they were magically “painted.” And it’s the quality that transfixes you.  Artistic and exuberant, you believe every moment has the potential to pop like the amazing hues that dance above you.  Indeed, as the sun sets over the ocean, it doesn’t really ever disappear – it simply melts into the water.  It’s a seamless transition that reflects your boundless creativity.


An arctic sunset:  images-10.jpeg

You’re a bold adventurer!

Instead of a frigid, forbidding landscape, you see the ultimate horizon.  Courageous and idealistic, for you, the vast snowscapes that blanket the ends of the Earth symbolize the start of adventure, and the sun that sets behind them, all the warm possibilities tomorrow holds.


A mountain sunset:   images-11.jpeg

You’re independence personified!

Just seeing the sun set behind a sprawling mountain range makes you breathe a little deeper and hold yourself a little taller.  Indeed, your favorite sunset speaks to how dearly you cherish your freedoms.  It’s not that you would climb Mount Everest tomorrow that makes you so special (well, not entirely!).  It’s that you would do that – and much more – by yourself, looking to your own inner strength as your compass.