Thursday Check In

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Thursday Check In
Thu, 12-06-2012 - 4:17pm

How was your Thursday? 

Exercise -

Food -

Vitamins -

Water –

A Healthy Choice I made "just for today" –

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Thu, 12-06-2012 - 5:31pm

How was your Thursday?  Only 3:30 here, so it is still early ... but I am ready for this day to be over!!!  Couldn't log in here again this morning.  DD is having issues with her roommate and girls on her floor ... immature, catty, cliquey, etc.   They enjoy screaming in the halls and banging on doors at all hours.  DD can't stand that 'ditsy girly stuff' ... she needs a break!  DS and boys in the house are all beginning to get on each others nerves, it is finals week (this & next week) and the boys all have to host football recruits this weekend (when do they study?), DS is tired of being the designated cook for dinner, etc., etc. ... he needs a break!   Between texting and calls, my phone has not stopped with either of them today. 

Exercise - Nope.

Food - Actually pretty good ... just don't feel like eating, guess that helps.

Vitamins - No, forgot.

Water – Not nearly enough, but it is still early here.

A Healthy Choice I made "just for today" – I stopped and took a deep breath.  Several times.

Hoping I opt for water this evening and not something with alcohol content.  My day has been such a waste and so tiring (mentally) that I think I may just put on my PJs immediately after dinner and settle in for the evening in front of the television.  

Wishing everyone a pleasant evening.  Hugs, 


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Thu, 12-06-2012 - 11:42pm

How was your Thursday? I had a good day.  Out for lunch, company for dinner and a Madrigal performance tonight.  I purchased Microsoft Office today and it will not download onto  my machine!  I'm about ready to scream at that, though.

Exercise - no

Food - good

Vitamins - no

Water – ok

A Healthy Choice I made "just for today" – Didn't toss my computer out the window when I was mad at it.


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