What am I doing wrong?

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What am I doing wrong?
Thu, 10-03-2013 - 10:36am

FrownIm 42 yrs old, single, no kids. I have been doing aerobics for more than 10 yrs. For work reasons I wish I can work out or hit the gym  during the week (I cant cause I leave work very late at nite and I get up very early in the morning to come to work)  but I only work out Satrudays and Sundays. Those 2 ays ar the days I try to do my best. I try to eat healthy, I hardly eat junk food or chips  (like pizza, hot dogs  or even hamburgers), I indulge once in a whiole sweets but I do  not over eat those things. I eat fruits, and vegetables and  salads everyday, I eat chicken fish, meat and at work I ont eat at coffee time mid afternoon or mid morning.

The thing is that I been noticing that ladies who are a bit younger than me (like 3 yrs) and even have kids, and they have told  me they have start to eat better or dieting  or even starting to work out had lost weight in a shorter amount of time and I can really tell cause they do have lost weight.

On the contrary me that I have been working out longer thtn those ladie, sometimes I even run (nut Im not a runner), I do not have kids, I feel I havent improved anything. I still have my love handles, my flabby belly and I see my body the same size as always. I know that is the eye of the beholder that could tell me I am thinner than before not myself, bu tisee myself the same as always.

At work there is a lady who use to tell me a while back, you ahve lost weight or something I told her I dont know I see myself the same. Then this lady started to run each morning before coming to work for more than 5 months now. SHe has 2 kids and now she looks way more slimmer than I am, her love handles dissapear and she sure had lost weight you can easily tell. Im sure she now weights much less than me. She is 40 yrs old.

The only thing she does for work out is running and she has a stationary bike at her home, but she works out during the weekdays before coming to work cause she do has time. My work out are weekends, 2 hrs each Satruday and 2 hrs Sunday.

For lunch this sometimes I see this lady  eating 2 carbs at once, lets say rice and spaguetti  or even friend pork and spaguetti..

I dont know who come this lady in like 5 or 6 months she started to exercise I mean running, she lost rapidly weight and she has a much better figure than myself and me that I been  working out longer than her , I dont eat junk food I dont see myself in the same position and I dont have kids. I have flabby parts.

This same situation happens with a sister of mine she use to be overweight, she starte to exercise in the week (cause she does not work), she no longer eat junk food, she is 30 yrs old and quickly she lost weigth and also u can tell.

Sometimes I gt frustrated myself at this that other ladies start to work out in a shorter amount of time they loose weight and it is noticeable and me I had been working out longer thatn them I my results are not the same.

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Thu, 10-03-2013 - 11:39am

HI and welcome! I am going to guess that it's probably more about your diet than anything. You may want to spend a few weeks tracking all your food to see what and how much is really going into your body. Be sure to jot down all drinks and how your food is prepared. Seeing it all written down may shed some light on things.

Also, you may want to shake your workouts up a bit by trying something different like heavier weights or a different type cardio (like Insanity). Can you keep some weights at the office and do a quick round of exercises while on your lunch break?

Good luck!

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I agree with the other poster.  Write down everything you eat, vary your exercise routine. Park your care a little further away from your office building, take the stairs when you can, get one of those stability ball chairs to tighten your core muscles.  And don't give up! You may also be interested in these booklets available from the government: for diet and exercise tips at  http://www.ask.hrsa.gov/detail_materials.cfm?ProdID=4906 and the nutritional guide at http://www.ask.hrsa.gov/detail_materials.cfm?ProdID=3059

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I agree with the suggestions from the others---track what you are eating to see if you are getting too many calories for the amount of energy that you expend. Also change up your workouts on the weekend. Make sure that you are getting your heart rate up for a lot of the workout. If you are doing the same kind of aerobics for 10 years it might be easy for you, and you're not getting such an intense workout anymore. Is there any way that you could fit in some exercise sessions in the middle of your workday? Ideally something high intensity if you have time and access to a shower afterwards, but even taking a walk during lunch break can help.

As we get older (and especially as we hit perimenopause/menopause) we start losing muscle mass. The more muscle mass the more calories we burn just being; and of course the less muscle mass then we need fewer calories. The sad truth is that as we get older we have to work a lot harder than before to lose weight and inches.

Another thought is, are you getting enough sleep? They are finding now that people who don't get enough hours of sleep put on weight. 

You really cannot start comparing yourself to others....if you could keep their schedule you might have the same results as them, but your situation is different. The fact that these other people are working out several times a week, not just on the weekends, probably is an important factor in their success. Unless you can find a way to rearrange your schedule to fit in exercise during the week, you have to deal with your present reality.