Brrr! Let's warm up with a January Roll-Call!

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Brrr! Let's warm up with a January Roll-Call!
Thu, 01-03-2013 - 1:46pm

My name is Erin. I'm the Community Leader here on Losing Weight. I'm 34 (soon to be 35—eek!), I work from home, I'm a mom to an 11yo boy and a 18mos little girl, I'm married (May will be 13 years), and am addicted to all things tech AND to coffee!

Let's see:

Goal: 35 pounds total
Mini Goal: 22 pounds 

I hope to reach the mini goal by at least May. :)

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Hi, Erin!  Oh, I do love my coffee too.  I started drinking it black a few months ago because I realized it's hard to maintain my weight if I'm drinking 3 cups of coffee with cream every day (EEK!). 

My goal isn't necessarily to lose weight.  I just want to feel stronger.  I started taking kickboxing classes about a month ago, and I'm really starting to notice results already.

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What is that saying about admitting there is a problem is the first step to correct it? Okay, well, then here I am. My name is Brenda and I am in my 50's. I have adult children. I am a full time student (yes I went back to school and I am taking business classes)

Goal: need to lose at least 15 lbs. I am probably being very nice to myself.

Mini goal: 5 pounds by end of month


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I'm new to this board but determined to keep my weight loss NYE resolution this year! I'd love to lose 30 pounds but I'll be thrilled if (when?) I lose the first 10. Looking forward to sharing advice and support with you guys.

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Hi all,

My name is Kristy and I have 3 boys (11,9,4).  I've been married for almost 14 years and I'll be 35 next month (that scares me!).  I want to lose (at least) 30 lbs.  My mini goal is 15 and I want to reach that by then end of March.  I'm hoping for at least a 5 lb per month loss. 

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Hi, I am Lorie and the CL for Heart Health...<3...

I have RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis) and OA (Osteoarthritis) and would like to loose some weight to be kinder to my joints...:)...

Divorced and a Single Mom to dd and ds...

My ds lives with me and I turned 54 in July and proud of it...;)...

Still here after a Heart Attack at 49...:)...

So excited to be here...New Beginnings for 2013!

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Hello! My name is Kathy and I am new here. I am 57, 3 grown children, 7 grandchildren. Now I really feel bad because my ultimate goal is to lose at least 100 pounds. All of you are light weights compared to me. I have struggled with my weight my whole life, fell into depression when my mom passed away in 2005 and really didn't care to try. I'm fighting my way back to wellness and with stage 4 arthritis I'm trying to be a little bit kinder to my joints.Mini goal-one pound at a time.

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Lots of posters with good goals for 2013!   Hope everyone stays around here.  We always need people here to cheer each other on and offer support.

My name is Carol.  Looks like I'm the senior citizen of the board.  I am 66, soon to be 67.  I have had open heart surgery (2008) at which time I was also diagnosed with type II diabetes. 

I have Osteoarthritis and my knees are crying for me to drop a few more pounds.  My long term goal is 50 lbs, but to be realistic, I would be very happy to lose 5 lbs per month.  Very doable, if I stick to it.


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Mon, 01-07-2013 - 10:04pm
I'm Bex, 31, single, no kids. I really want to focus on getting healthy and increasing my fitness. To do this, I probably need to lose about 20lbs of fat and put on some muscle. Like a PP I just started kickboxing (tonight was my intro session) and I'm nervous, but excited at the idea of making changes in a fun way!!! 2013 will be the year of me!!!

Bex -