Do you lose weight for yourself or someone else?

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Do you lose weight for yourself or someone else?
Thu, 02-14-2013 - 10:14am

Are you motivated to lose weight for yourself or does it take a new love or romantic interest to lose weight? I know so many people who only seem to lose weight when someone is romantically interested in them but then gain it back once the relationship starts to cool. Maybe the excitement motivates people to try harder. I don't know. Do you think it is easier to lose weight with the help of a long term mate or the prospect of a new one?

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I don't think losing weight is easy to begin with but personally, I'm having better luck at it with my long term partner. I'm not sure a new romantic interest would spur me on to lose weight. Of course I have not been involved in a new romance for more than 20 years so not sure if it would help.


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I know for me, it helps to have my husband support and encourage me. We've been married nearly 36 years and it thrills me when he notices I've dropped a few pounds. Kinda makes all that hard work worth it, to know I can still catch his eye! LOL

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I lose for myself.. I work very hard on it too.. Just for me its for my health I am getting older and need to be as healthy as I can be.. I am a lifer now with WW and it took me almost a year to get those last 5 lbs off.. man it was tough to figure out. I agree sometimes romance helps with the motivation...
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I have learned to do it for me.

I made the mistake of trying to lose weight for a guy once.  While I was successful and got where he thought I should be, I became really sick in the process.  As I got better I told myself that it had to be for me.  Is it nice to have people look at me and DH and know they're thinking "Dang, he has a hot wife!"? Yes, but it's kind of a back burner motivation.