Eat the Rainbow for Best Nutrition

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Eat the Rainbow for Best Nutrition
Thu, 04-11-2013 - 8:33am

"Eat the rainbow! You’ve likely heard this tossed about by foodies, nutritionists, and diehard vegetable fans. But what does it mean? It is really just a fancy way to say you should eat a balanced diet, and that you should buy every color fruit or vegetable available at your local market. Why?"

[Read More and See the Rainbow!]

Do you eat the rainbow? I stick to green veggies simply because that's what I prefer. But I'm going to make a bigger effort to eat other colors. I also like the info on how to cook as well as the info about the skin. (I do take the apple skin off for my toddler, but that's more of a choking hazzard vs anything nutrition related.)