Have you ever wanted to know what belly fat looks like?

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Have you ever wanted to know what belly fat looks like?
Mon, 02-04-2013 - 3:13pm

Well now is your chance to see it. Dr. Oz is a guest editor on iVillage this week and he shows us exactly what belly fat looks like: Dr. Oz on Belly Fat

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Gross but interesting. It sort of looks like that insulation you put in your roof. I'm horrified to think I am carrying around that much insulation. No wonder I am warm all the time.

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Wow, that is so weird. Dr. Oz presents things in the most interesting ways. I just love him and think he is so helpful. I'd like to have him address some emotional issues like how to feel sexy when you know you're fat and need to lose weight. Kwim?

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Oh my gosh, it does look like insulation! Very interesting... but then, he always seems to cover things in a way that really grabs your attention. That's one of the reasons I like his show so much.