My Journal - Lost

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My Journal - Lost
Thu, 04-12-2012 - 11:18am

Just wanting to check out my previous Journal and I can't seem to find it.


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Mon, 09-15-2014 - 8:14pm
Hello Rosie maybe you will have to go up to the top and ask the boss about it she can pull it back up for you.. Karla.. is the name... hope this helps... hit her name and ask her for it.. Wren
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Sat, 06-22-2013 - 10:40am

I have check your link and read your Journal. That was really appreciable that you wrote it and also have a big slute to you for your this kindness. I hope you will be continue it and blessed us with your knowledge and experience. Thanks to share this.

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Thu, 04-12-2012 - 1:42pm

Thank you so much!


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Thu, 04-12-2012 - 11:32am

Hi Mary Rose,

Welcome back-it's been awhile. How are you doing? I found your journal and moved it to the top so you should be able to find it now. Here's the link to it just in case:

Glad to see again. :-)