Less-Skilled Weight-Loss Surgeons Have Higher Complication Rates

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Less-Skilled Weight-Loss Surgeons Have Higher Complication Rates
Sat, 10-12-2013 - 8:59pm

How skilled is your weight loss surgeon? According to Health Day News, less skilled surgeons have higher risk for complications. "Some surgeons are simply better than others, according to new research that links less-skilled weight-loss surgeons to significantly more complications among patients who leave their operating rooms.

Analyzing 20 bariatric surgeons who volunteered to have their operating skills rated via video, University of Michigan researchers found that complication rates of surgeons deemed to be low skilled were 14.5 percent, compared with 5.2 percent among high-skilled surgeons. The study used follow-up data involving more than 10,000 patients." read more

Did you have complications? Do you think it may have been related to your surgeon's skills?

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This is an interesting topic. I have not had this procedure but my nephew's specialty is bariatric surgery and he was telling me that each of the procedures has specific known complications. Even highly experienced surgeons will have patients that get them. Also, the amount of adipose tissue can affect how well the procedure can be performed. Some doctors he knows insist that the patient go on a liquid diet for weeks prior to surgery to lose weight.

Checking the doctor's experience and sucess rates is important, but also be sure to find out the pros and cons of each type of surgery.