Small house, need organizing ideas

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Small house, need organizing ideas
Fri, 07-11-2014 - 4:28pm

Hi! We've pretty much outgrown our home — too much crud. ;) With limited storage space, how would you recommend we go about clearing house and storing things. What would/wouldn't you keep? I feel like I keep everything because I associate a memory with it. I really need to stop doing that. :/

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Mon, 07-28-2014 - 10:51am

Hey, I had similar problem back in the days when I was a student and I was really struggling with that. I know there is too much information about that over the Internet, but I will share with you my personal top sources of information. I've used a couple of the ideas mentioned in these articles and the results were more than satisfying. Here are the articles I was talking about:

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Sun, 08-10-2014 - 4:42pm

I, too, have trouble parting with things for sentimental reasons and there's a whole lots of sentiment around me, I guess!

Clean on a day when you're does wonders to erase sentiment!

Clothes...keep nothing that isn't one size larger or smaller than you currently wear. Also, except for formal  clothes, get rid of everything you haven't worn in one-two years.

Make things do double many empty suitcases do you store except for a week in the year?  Fill them up with little used items. So, you have to empty them out and refill before a trip. They'll rest easy on your dresser top or bed until you return.

DUMP those broken things you've been meaning to fix but haven't.  Unless you've been exceptonally busy or ill, you probably won't ever get to them.

Pretend you're know how much a container costs? Or a pallet? Or a rental truck? Let that motivate you! It did for me only we really did move for 10 months. I got rid of a ton of stuff to charities,friends and family. Coming back with loads of new additions, I did the same for the stored things.(My son lived here while we were in Hawaii and I locked up valuables and sentimental stuff in my room and my studio.) I disposed of a lot of things I'd never missed.

Check out things you have no use rid of the king-sized bed? Ditch the sheets.Put down carpet over wood floors? Clean out the wood floor stuff from your utility closet. No longer have a tape player? Those tapes can go. I went through a filing cabinet drawer of guarantees and appliance books and recycled those I no longer had the item to go with them.....t'was a shock to see I was still saving paperwork on a ton of items long gone. Anything that doesn't fit without major surgery...donate it! I'll never be a size zero again.....sigh!

Have a trusted friend or relative help you. They can give reality checks.

Good luck!