What to do with pet stuff.

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What to do with pet stuff.
Tue, 09-18-2012 - 1:32pm

I pretty much have a handle on leash storage. Our dog food is in a locking trash bin, outdoors. Howevern, bags of dog treats and Pill Pockets, mingle with things in the kitchen. But my big issue is how to store the "extra" dog blankets. I have an older dog that has to have it's blanket washed at least once a week, sometimes more. I also have another large dog. I always have to have at least one spare, clean, blanket for when I am washing one. We have hardwood floors and the older dog especially, can't lay on it, or get up very easily, without cushioning. What they have for beds are twin size comforters I found at thrift stores that I fold in quarters. They are cushiony enough for big dogs, and simple to wash. But, they are a pain to store. They are big and bulky, want to flop open, etc. My house isn't all that big. I do have a basement, which I have been cleaning, but it's dusty and I would need to protect the beds from that. I used to store them in the leg cubby of my husbands desk, but he's using his desk again, so I lost my perfect spot. lol!

Does anyone have any clever ways they store pet treats and dog beds?

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Sat, 10-27-2012 - 3:55pm

What about a cart, the kind with wheels?

I use mine for ALMOST everything, storage, grocery shopping, laundry, and what a Life-Saver when my ds and I moved.

Today I took my laundry out to wash and dry.

Brought a clean dry garbage bag to put my laundry in after I was done, and I can put it away at my leisure.

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Fri, 09-21-2012 - 9:32am
I also store Coffee's (cocker spaniel) treats & bisquits in a cookie jar. Needs to have a cover so they are 't always smelling them and begging and so that they are kept fresh. Any bottle with a cover works . As for the blanket beds, that's a good idea and easy to wash too. Is there a possibilty to mount a shelf or 2 in your laundry room? After washing you could just neatly fold it and store it on the shelf over the washer. If you can invest in an underbed plastic storage container then you can also use it in the laundry room to store the blankets on the shelf without getting dusty. Of just ask your dh to go work elsewhere... ;O)
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Thu, 09-20-2012 - 8:12pm
Could you put the blankets in under the bed storage containers?

I keep my dog treats in a cookie jar on the counter.

I like your idea of the locking trash bin outside for the dog food. I might try that for my wild bird seed, which right now is in a big plastic bucket in my living room! I can't leave it outside because the squirrels will chew right through it, but maybe I could used a metal garbage can. Do they make those with locking lids?