What's Your Favorite Organizing Tool?

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What's Your Favorite Organizing Tool?
Thu, 04-25-2013 - 11:37am

Unruly stacks of mail? Pshaw. A messy pile of shoes? As if. You're the girl whose house is the envy of her friends: An utterly organized sanctuary where everything has its place.

How did you manage that?! We want to know! Share your favorite tools for organizing your home and you could be featured as an iVillage expert.

It's almost time for our annual Stuff We Love Awards, and that means we're asking you to help us pull together a list of the most amazing organizational products out there. What cool thing organizes your bills? What keeps your pantry neat? Tell us!

Here's how to enter: Email your top pick to iVillage’s associate lifestyles editor Amanda Hawkins at ivillagehomeandgarden@gmail.com with "Organizing Tools I Love" as the subject line. Include the name of the product and a super-quick description of why you love it (one or two sentences is plenty).

Get recognized for your streamlining smarts -- and help the rest of us keep our homes tip-top tidy just like you do in the process.

Tell Us Your Favorite Organizing Tools for iVillage’s Stuff We Love Awardshttp://www.ivillage.com/tell-us-your-favorite-organizing-tools-ivillages-stuff-we-love-awards/7-a-534278

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