15 Minutes DOES make a difference!

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15 Minutes DOES make a difference!
Mon, 09-30-2013 - 1:39pm

Most people may wonder how you can get anything done if 15 minutes. You absolutely can!

In 15 minutes in my living room I got some dusting and picking up done. I didn't hit the detailed cleaning list hard because the rest of my house is in such total schambles.

In my kitchen area I have that broken down into 5 areas and each area is getting 15 minutes. I had one of the areas literally done in 5 and another done in the left over 10! But now I must get back to doing the ton of dishes that have accumulated so I can get that last 15 in the kitchen done and move on.


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Mon, 09-30-2013 - 3:23pm
I agree! Sometimes I think I have no time to get things done but you really can put a big dent in things in just 15 minutes!