Going on a trip...

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Going on a trip...
Thu, 10-03-2013 - 5:49am

When you go on a trip do you make up a new packing list everytime or do you have one that is in a sheet protector that you just reuse with a dry erase marker?

I use the sheet protector and dry erase marker. That way I can check everything off of the list and then wipe it clean and double check.


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Fri, 10-11-2013 - 8:32pm

I usually don't make a formal packing list. My toiletry bag is always ready to go, and for the clothing I lay out the outfits till I have every day covered, then try to figure out what I can do without! Sometimes I will write it down...but I don't travel very much.

My dh travels for work a lot, he has a template packing list on his computer and prints a copy before he packs for a trip.