So naughty...

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So naughty...
Tue, 10-15-2013 - 11:22am

I will admit that I am being kind of 'bad' this morning.

On the 'up side' I am working on giving 15 minutes to every room in my house. In order to know exactly how I am doing and which areas are done I have every light in the house on. I did 15 minutes in the dryer/furnace area. (My washer is on the other side of my basement). I got a little floor vacuumed. Put some videos that got wet in May that were sitting on the dryer put into a proper storage container and the top of the dryer wiped off as well as getting a few items folded and ready to be put away.

I also am keeping all of the lights in my house on because I have a neighbor across the street (my husband's dad) that I know sits back in the garage with the door open and watches over here and with it being a gloomy, dim, rainy looking day this way he will never know exactly which room I am in! The rooms in the front of the house will be the last ones I clean. LOL!!!

Time to go work on a few things!