Stuff that got done

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Stuff that got done
Fri, 11-29-2013 - 2:16pm

After Thanksgiving day - evening - ( wasn't the big family get together day): cleared some counter space, wiped stove top, loaded & ran dishwasher.  Sink nearly clear.

Friday morning -

KITCHEN - Cleaned counters more (decluttering needed here); cleaned a kitchen drawer. Put away dishes from dishwasher. Swept kitchen floor.

Living room - dusted, moved videos off a little table onto a shelf, vacuumed furniture & floor.

Lots more to do.

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Fri, 11-29-2013 - 6:01pm

We did have our get-together on Thursday, and I pretty much did crisis cleaning before the big day and a cooking burn-out on the day...I know, all the things I shouldn't do because I should be preparing not procrastinating beforehand lol).

Anyway, today the guests have left and I'm relaxing. I did sweep the kitchen and empty the trashcans, and later I'll change the guest room sheets and work on the master bedroom--vacuum, change the sheets, fold laundry and put things away. At least the rest of the house is in pretty good shape.

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Tue, 12-03-2013 - 12:37pm

Sounds like the two of you did great during the first round of the Holidays! Way to go! I wish I could say I did as good but that's not the case around here. Had some unexpected things come up so my Friday didn't go exactly like I wanted it to for clean up.