Does your city have a "Scoop the poop" law?

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Does your city have a "Scoop the poop" law?
Thu, 03-29-2012 - 11:12am

Ours does but it's much ignored. I watched at the front window as a dog left a present right by the mailbox and the owner started walking away when she saw me and hastily turned back and carried the stuff away with her....but it's a regular stop for them and many times she hasn't bothered.

It's pollution and nasty to have it in my yard when I don't have a dog!


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Judging by the "presents" that the folks leave around our neighborhood, I'm guessing it's not law here. I find it annoying because we all walk the same (the only) path around the neighborhood and I'm constantly having to tell the kids "Watch out for that poop!" I don't let my kids poop on the road. I understand that they can't help it with dogs, but they can at least clean it up or push it off the side of the mountain we live on so no one else steps in it.

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Yes, its a law here. Most people are conscientious about it but others not so much. My street gets a lot of foot traffic of people passing through on the way to/from the park so a lot of dogs come by. I find fewer surprises now than I used to, I don't know if there was one regular offender who stopped walking their dog here, or dog owners in general are getting better about it. My neighbor two doors away has 2 small dogs and I know that she doesn't clean up after them a lot of the time. Half the time she doesn't have them on a leash either, which is also a law. I've also seen a few people after dark with dogs not on a leash...if the dog isn't on a leash its easier to "not see" what your dog is doing. It ticks me off too, if I wanted to clean up dog poop I'd get a dog!