Friday Five

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Friday Five
Fri, 08-11-2006 - 1:56pm
Restarting this thread here...

Have a wonderful, fun-filled and SIMPLE weekend!

Here's a Friday Five:


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Fri, 08-11-2006 - 1:59pm

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Fri, 08-11-2006 - 10:38pm

1. Go to the beach and build sand castles (tentative plans!)

2. Fly kites at Fort Macon state park.

3. Go fishing :)

4. Work on my gardens.

5. Go for a hike if it's not too hot!

Sheri Ann

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Sheri Ann

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Sat, 08-12-2006 - 8:18am

Woohoo! I can post now. Over on the simple living board, there was no "post reply" button lol.

Well I of course have the internet. This weekend I'm going to friends' church, staying after for potluck and maybe even 2 baptisms

Yesterday I picked up some books at the library so I have 3 books I'm reading right now

Playing with my dog is a good cheap entertainment and since my dh has been away on a trip for almost a week, she really wants attention lol.

I also have my tv, tho I'd rather limit the amount of time. dh doesn't come back til tomorrow and ds just left for a visit with his dad yesterday and I don't want to spend too much time vegging in front of the tv.

I still need to spend some time working on homeschool supplies, getting things arranaged for the new school year, and while some would argue that's organization, work I find it totally fun playing with all the neat books and such we'll be using this school year

love & light
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